Another Honorius?

Q. Your Excellency, the Instrumentum Laboris  for the 2015 Synod states that there is a “common accord” [c’è un comune accordo] in favour of a “penitential way” for the divorced and remarried ” under the authority of the Bishop, for the faithful (who have been) divorced and remarried civilly, who find themselves in a situation of irreversible cohabitation.” Is it accurate to suggest there is a “common accord” ? (Source)

What? A Common Accord?

Wow. Just wow.  I know a lot of papalotry zealots out there think the Pope can do no wrong, but Pope Francis is becoming another Honorius — it pains me to say.  Lots of Catholics think it just fine to admit there were bad or negligent Popes in the past, but they are generally not very open to admitting we have one right now.  My question is:  Why not?

If Pope Francis continues along this path of allowing encroachments on Catholic belief and orthodox and necessary practice, we will have another Honorius situation. Francis is failing to defend marriage at a crucial time in the Church’s history, and even supporting the efforts of the anti-Catholic faction in the Church.  Is this some kind of super duper, brilliant chess move on his part to expose them?  I’d like to think so, but I doubt it given what I’ve seen of his history thusfar.

The only thing that will save the Church – as has been always the case in the past – is the superintendence of the Holy Spirit.

Do not think – even for a moment – that if the Church was merely a human institution that the gravy train would not roll with the spirit of the age.

I, for one, am really quite excited to see how God is going to derail and thwart the enemies of marriage and the enemies of the Cross of Jesus Christ.  And yes, Virginia, they do indeed exist at the highest levels of the Catholic Church…and unlike in the past, it’s now all in the open for everyone who has eyes to see!

This whole battle is not about the pastoral application of doctrine at all.  That’s a lie.  It’s clearly going after doctrine, so the game is on.

As far as I’m concerned, not only is marriage on trial, so are the promises of Jesus Christ to the Church. I have every confidence that Jesus will defend His Bride, and let it be a witness to non-Catholics that despite all that you are witnessing, pay close attention to the end result and the bottom line. Because….at the end of the day….all that comes before might be unsettling, but what really counts is the final race and not the qualifying ones. Every loser can enter a race.  Only the winner wears the gold medal.

And there can be only one gold medalist…a very exclusionist idea for sure, but a necessary one nonetheless.

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