Another Girly Bishop

…The new Bishop Dunn sanctioned a conference lead by dissident theologian and former Jesuit Priest, Dr. Paul Lakeland of Fairfield University in Connecticut, who openly holds views on abortion, homosexuality, contraception and women priests that go against Catholic teaching. That’s right, Paul Lakeland was invited, but when another man was invited by the laity the welcome mat was not only not put out but some associated with it were interrogated as if in a communist country. Perhaps one of the organisers, Anna Vautour said it best when she opined emotionally, that she felt this clandestine conference was “a huge comfort because do often we feel like we are fighting this battle for our children’s innocence, their purity and their faith life and not supported within the Church and not within the clergy.” …(Source)

I really hope that the rebellious and scandal-laden Canadian hierarchy doesn’t want to pick a fight with the Faithful with these feminist ideas.

Because if they do, they’re not going to win.  In the coming years, they can rest assured that there will be one helluva fight on their hands.

I hope that they are prepared for it, because Socon or Bust will bring everything it has to this fight.  (Not an idle threat, just a fact.) And there’s going to be lots of pain and embarrasment to go round too.  (All of the lapdog visitors to this site can take that message back to their superiors).  My bet is that after one or two rounds of maximum embarrasment and push-back, they won’t have the guts to continue the pink parade.  But we’ll find out.

Benedict has led us very well, but he is a transitional Pope.  The next Pope, however, is going to have to deal very sternly with these girly bishops.  He won’t have any choice.

Addendum:  Dunn asks Vatican to give women senior roles

Next posting for Dunn:  North Pole with the seals and the environmentalists.

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