Five Months’ Free Ride for D&P’s Peruvian Abortion Partners, Courtesy of Canada’s Catholic Bishops

A Peruvian archbishop is accusing the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace of supporting pro-abortion groups in his country.In a letter dated May 28 but not sent until June 9, Archbishop Jose Antonio Eguren Anselmi, president of the Peruvian Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Commission on the Family, Children and Life, tells Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops‘ president Archbishop James Weisgerber he is “personally concerned about any funding from Catholics of Canada to pro-abortion groups in Peru.”It’s the latest turn in a controversy that began in February when accused Development and Peace of funding pro-abortion advocacy in Mexico.  According to Egurin, three Development and Peace-funded groups are “very committed with the pro-abortion movement here in Peru.”The groups are:

  • Co-ordinadora Nacional de Radio, an organization that supports small, independent and mostly rural radio broadcasters;
  • Groupe Reseau d’economie solidaire au Perou, also known as Grupo Red and GRESP, an organization that promotes labour unions and co-operatives; and
  • Federacion de las mujeres organizada en centrales de cocinas populares, an agency that helps poor women set up co-operative, open kitchens and educates them about nutrition and health.

Development and Peace has had no reason to suspect these organizations are in any way involved in the abortion debate in Peru, executive director Michael Casey said. Casey said his staff in Montreal takes Eguren’s allegations seriously and is investigating.

A member of the staff of Peruvian bishops’ Commission on the Family, Children and Life told The Western Catholic Reporter Co-ordinadora Nacional de Radio has sponsored a radio contest which encourages women to tell their abortion stories and find new ways to exercise abortion rights.

“I imagine these groups are deceiving those responsible to disburse the funds of the Canadian church (namely Development and Peace),” Carlos Polo told the Edmonton-based newspaper. “And we believe it is our obligation as Catholics to inform our brothers in Canada so that they are not deceived (any more).”

Polo said the commission is certain the Canadian bishops have no idea of what’s going on.

“But now that they have been informed, logically they are going to put a stop to this.”

Abortion is legal in Peru if it is necessary to protect a woman’s life or her physical or mental health. It is illegal in cases of rape, where fetal defects have been detected or for any other reason.

Debate is raging through much of Latin America about liberalizing abortion laws or bringing the laws into line with actual practice.

Development and Peace may have to live another four or five months under the cloud of accusations. Weisgerber told The Catholic Register he did not expect Canada’s bishops to make any definitive statement about the imbroglio over Development and Peace funding policies until after a gathering of all the bishops in October.

A team of Canadian bishops and advisors travelled to Mexico in April to investigate the reports. (Source)

Carlos, my friend, that’s not the case at all.  The bishops know what’s going on. We’ve been telling them for the past 2 months, and they’re still denying the incontrovertible evidence, calling the reports “false”, “malicious attacks”, and “irresponsible journalism” even though the local village idiot could connect the dots with all of the evidence (no offense to the village idiots out there).  

They’ve been grossly negligent, willfully blind or worse since, at least, the March for Women in 2000.

And it’s a bit rich (and typical) that Michael Casey needs to do another bogus “investigation” into another one of D&P’s abortion partners, even though the bishops of Peru have told him that D&P is definitely funding pro-abort groups in their country!  Hey Mike!  I trust the Peruvian bishops about what’s going on in their own backyard before I would ever trust you and your bogus “investigations”.  “Is” really does mean “is”, Bill Clinton nothwithstanding.

And so now we read above that we have to wait another 5 months before the bishops get their act together and cut the blood money from financing the abortion juggernaut in the Global South?

What does that tell you about the priorities of these bishops?  I guess dirt pushing and tree-hugging is more important than unborn babies. It’s good to have one’s priorities straight in life, don’t you think?

Get on the plane tomorrow, bishops, and put an end to this wickedness. Because that’s what this scandal demands…it’s a scandal in the blood of the unborn.

Personally, I will hold the bishops of Canada directly responsible for any advancement of abortion legislation in these countries.  In five months, abortion could be legal and on demand in some of these countries where the abortion juggernaut is bearing down hard.  For Pete’s sake, look at what Obama has done in less than 5 months in office.  But it won’t even be five months…more like 5 years before this whole thing finally shakes out because…you know…they’ll have to launch their own investigation apart from D&P’s sham investigation…and on and on it goes.  The bishops need to take control of their own finances and cut the chord RIGHT NOW.  If they have to wait until the CCCB’s bureaucratic machine winds up, it will be too little, too late and Latin America will be more liberal than Canada on the question of abortion, as hard as that is to believe.  But, hey, that’s OK, because we’ll have saved a tree and re-oriented the gender equity imbalance in the Global South.

There’s going to be hell to pay.  Nooses and millstones, your Graces, nooses and millstones.


4 thoughts on “Five Months’ Free Ride for D&P’s Peruvian Abortion Partners, Courtesy of Canada’s Catholic Bishops

  1. Is there not one Canadian Bishop that’s willing to step out of the “Old boys club” and say enough is enough?

    One bishop, just one, to say they are not willing to wait any longer.

    Just one that makes a decision to love Christ and his Church more than they love their bonds with their brother bishops in Canada.

    Just one to publicly demand the suspension of all funds leaving the country until a final report is released.

    Is it too much to hope that we could get just one? If we could get just one, I have a feeling the entire corrupt structure would come tumbling down.

  2. You’re a brave fighter (reformer) taking the stand you do. If only more Catholics took a brave stand for righteousness. You are bringing a lot of integrity to the catholic faith.

  3. I few weeks back I asked my priest if he had heard anything about the D&P investigation. He said the Archbishop told him (all priests) they were not to talk about it except to say our charitable contributions were being held during the D&P investigation. Now, today, I noticed D&P is no longer a listed charity on the Archdiocese Website.

  4. Listen to the blatant, flagrant, shameless lie from Michael Casey:

    “Development and Peace has had no reason to suspect these organizations are in any way involved in the abortion debate in Peru.”

    Really? But various groups and Catholic media outlets have been screaming the news for three months. John Pacheco and various others have mailed you the evidence, Michael, to the point where you’ve been personally forced to make several public denials and publish several press releases on this specific issue.

    It is not possible for him to not know. It’s been his #1 file for the past 3 months!

    Has he no shame?

    Do the bishops even care anymore?

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