Another Example Of What A Liberal Feminist Looks Like…

It bears mentioning that even when the women were being hosebeasts, none of those men did anything to them. Not a single hosebeast was harmed during the “protest,” and all of the men just continued to pray the rosary.  I’m not going to lie. I would’ve decked a hag. So I have to hand it to these men. Their restraint is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE. And commendable. And did I mention UNBELIEVABLE? Because they’re better people than me, obviously. Mainly because these women are freaking animals, and I’m beyond disgusted to share the same gender as them. (Source: Chicks on the Right)

I think this little episode did more damage to Feminism than all of the intellectual arguments can muster.

Video is worth one billion words.

Who wants to be a feminist?

One thought on “Another Example Of What A Liberal Feminist Looks Like…

  1. Would it be plausible to suggest that these protesters are part of a larger international group, posing as feminists but are actually paid prostitutes recruited by a Scandinavian man – the same group that shamelessly attacked a Belgian bishop recently? The reason I bring this up is that no sane normal woman would act this way unless she has been de-sensitized (like a prostitute for instance) regarding nudity and acting out in obscene ways.

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