10 thoughts on “Another Day at the “Truth is No Defense” Office

  1. What will it take for the incompetent Minister of Injustice to launch an RCMP investigation into tampering with evidence and perverting the cause of justice?

    Really – this has gone on for too long and now they really show there is no difference between the ‘tribunal’ and the ‘commission’. Rotten to the core! Nothing worth redemption as some have suggested.

    Lucy must be a high value asset in witness protection for them to go to these lengths.

    I think next week I will pay a visit to the Ottawa Police to file criminal charges – both “Hate” and otherwise as I am getting really tired by these folks running their own private Inquisition factory.

  2. Is there no end to the corruption? I hope this was duly filed with the agencies investigating the CHRC’s malfeasance.

  3. It appears an official transcript was tampered with. Dinosaur, when you file, please point out the forgery and ask that this be the violation of the Criminal Code you are seeking an investigation.

    Then file a complaint with the Law Society for the misconduct involved here amongst myriad lawyers.

  4. Odd isn’t it, this is the transcript the CHRC was shopping around to reporters in their spin control efforts to counter, among other allegations, the hijacking of a citizens internet account by CHRC staff.

    Seems a tad much to believe that that the most damaging of transcript evidence in the hijacking matter was “accidentally left out.

    Is this what passes for PR at the CHRC? Next stop Nuremberg defense;)

  5. @Is this what passes for PR at the CHRC? Next stop Nuremberg defense;)”

    Yes BCF – and look what good it did the other defendants.

    Let them all hang together or seperately – it is soon the only choice they will have.

    Let the “Brown envelopes” from the previous managers (not so long departed) commence.

  6. They could be charged under Section 337 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Thats an interesting section and seems to fit in this circumstance.


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