Another Brazilian D&P Partner caught supporting pro-abort, pro-sodomy legislation

The blood money continues to flow, courtesy of the Catholic Bishops of Canada.

On Saturday, Steve over at Catholic Dialogue had reported on one of Development & Peace’s pro-abort partners in Brazil which was aggressively advocating for a radical pro-abortion and pro-homosexual bill recently proposed by the country’s socialist government.  The proposed legislation will effectively make Brazil a totalitarian state in the name of “human rights”.  In addition to the promotion of sodomy in the schools and media and the establishment of abortion as a human right, this legislation will also ban crucifixes from government facilities in this ostensibly Catholic country. You can read more about Steve’s findings and Socon or Bust’s commentary on that story here.

It turns out that Steve kept digging and found yet another Development & Peace partner in Brazil who is also pimping for the legislation. Steve writes:

I’ve now learned that a second D&P partner in Brazil called Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas (MMC) has also publicly and unconditionally endorsed this policy.  Their article entitled “Who’s afraid of human rights?” supports the complete and integral implementation of the policy, which has been widely criticized by the Catholic Church in Brazil.  The article also makes a veiled rebuke of the Catholic Church by criticizing “conservative sectors” of society that have made “unfounded criticisms” of the policy.  You can read MMC’s article in Portuguese here.

So we now have two partners of Development and Peace that are supporting a pro-abortion and pro-homosexual policy while publicly rebuking the Brazilian Catholic Church.

This is crunch time for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).  As we are now witnessing, the D&P scandal is not some abstract or theoretical debate.  D&P’s partners are contributing to the imminent legalization of abortion in Brazil.  We are witnessing this process live, right before our eyes.  This will have real and bloody consequences for Brazilians and their unborn babies very, very soon. 

Read the rest of his commentary here.

This second pro-abortion group in question was exposed by Socon or Bust in March 2009.  The original report revealed the following:

Movimento de Mulheres Camponesas  (Website:
This group is not listed in the 2006-2011 program report, but is listed on CCODP’s website as a “Latin American Partner”.

This is what they have to say about abortion:

“Além disso, contamos as milhares de mortes de mulheres, que acontecem pelo aborto clandestino, os números serão sempre contestados porque são justamente clandestino ou invisibilizado, sabe-se que são muitas. É por estes motivos que criminalizar as mulheres que praticam o aborto é um ato de absoluta injustiça e contra os Direito Humanos. Assim, a criação de uma CPI para investigar as práticas de aborto, por aqueles que deveriam garantir os direitos e a justiça no Brasil.” (Source

Translation: “Furthermore, there are thousands of deaths of women due to illegal abortions, the numbers of which will always be challenged because they are illegal or just invisible; it is known to be many.  It is for these reasons that to prosecute women who practice abortion is an act of absolute injustice and against human rights. Thus, the creation of a CPI to investigate the practice of abortion by those who should guarantee the rights and justice in Brazil (the majority are men), deserve our indignation and our repudiation.


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