2 thoughts on “Another Apostate Catholic Politician Dies

  1. There are consequences for choosing double minded politicians to democratic life in our Western Civilization.Israel divided into two before it completely turned it’s back on our God,and it’s choice men,women and children were then carried off by Pagans.Today in our so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan Western Democracies children are indoctrinated into the tenets of Secular Paganism,by adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists,as Secular human rights.

  2. Anti-Christian Legislation and Law in our former Christian democracies in Western Society comes from political and judicial fiat which started in 1962.The majority of so-called Christian voters went along with this new so-called “neutral”Worldview/Religion.The School Lord’s Prayer was considered unconstitutional in 1962 by The United States Supreme Court.The New Western State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion of so-called “neutral” Secularism/Paganism in Government,Law and Education was now considered constitutional.This new State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion spread like wildfire throughout The Former Christian Western Democracies of our World in Government,Law and Education.The consequences of this so-called (Politically Correct) Secular Worldview/Religion is the indoctrination of Western society in the tenets of Secular Paganism,as legalized human rights starting with Kindergarteners!

    Citizen Referendums are essential to good democracy.Political Party Policy meetings ought to be controlled again by righteous citizens,don’t you think? Every voter ought to make sure our politicians make righteous laws that everyone has to live by,including politicians and judges. A righteous Church also keeps it’s Bishop’s etc., in line with Christ’s teaching.

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