Angry little boys who had no fathers

There’s been a lot of analysis about the G8/20 protests of last weekend.  Lots of pundits trying to figure out why the violent Leftists are so upset.  They come up with elaborate and largely erroneous explanations as to cause.   For the most part, these governments are mostly socialist.  I mean, why would a protestor be upset at Obama?  The man is redoing America in light speed to conform to what these protestors want.  So what’s the real issue here?  Well, these governments represent an authority figure.  It doesn’t matter that, in many respects, the authority figure believes what they believe.  It’s just that they represent an authority figure – any authority figure – and that’s what they despise.

People always try to reduce problems of substance to problems of form.  What do I mean by this?  Simply that human beings prefer not to deal with messy and painful issues that demand accountablity and culpability.  In short, we don’t want to admit that our behaviour is what is fuelling the decline of our society, not the trinkets of economic policy.  Instead of dealing with the real issue in a transparent and honest way, we prefer to lay the blame at the government. It’s the government’s screw-up.  There’s not enough community centers (the Left) or cops (the Right) to deal with the problem of youth violence.  But no one wants to admit that the kids have no fathers.  That’s why they’re in the slammer. And why don’t they have any fathers?  Because of easy divorce.  Because of sex outside marriage.  Because of the de-Christianization of society.  That’s why. But like I said, no one wants to admit the truth.  That would demand a moral transformation from us as a society to fix the problem. And that’s simply not going to happen, so it’s much easier to blame the lack of a government program to make up for our lack of sexual restraint and lack of fidelity to our partners and kids.  It’s much easier to blame the “lack of services” and throw money at a problem than it is to admit the truth and begin the slow and arduous road back from the brink.

And as for the G8/G20 punks, if a reporter had the guts to pull anyone of them aside and ask them to describe their relationship with their fathers, they would have all the answers they would need to understand why they are doing what they are doing.

Fathers are more than sperm donors.  They serve a necessary and crucial role in our society…as we are sorely discovering.

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