Angry Gay Mob Attacks Christians

SAN FRANCISCO, November 18, 2008 ( – A mob of homosexuals sexually and physically assaulted a group of Christians praying together in the city’s Castro District last week, in apparent retaliation for the recent defeat of homosexual marriage in California. The Christians, a group of Evangelical Protestants who regularly go to the predominantly homosexual Castro District to sing songs and pray with passers-by, say they were holding hands and singing “Amazing Grace” when a angry mob began to shove and kick them, steal their belongings, pour hot coffee on their faces, and sexually assault them….

Prepare for more “tolerance” from the militant gay community as the Obama years enfold.

I seriously doubt if the West is going to be able to survive.  Civil unrest and “no go” areas will be commonplace.  Of course, the “no go” areas will be restricted to Christians. Gay brownshirts will not stop at crashing Church services.

Get ready, folks, it’s going to be a rough ride. 

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