Angry, Fascist University Mob Too Much of a Security Risk to Allow Coulter to Speak

Tonight was a sad night to be a Canadian.   This was the evening that free speech was banned because a few hundred student thugs who attend Ottawa University forgot what a university is about.  They would not allow the rest of the public – numbering between 1500-2000 people – to listen to Ann Coulter’s speech tonight.  As I walked past the long line-up, which stretched to the streets, I got the sense that a small majority of the crowd were sympathetic to Ms. Coulter’s appearance.  But there were “concerns”, you see,  for “public safety”. 

Ottawa police had more than nine squad cars at the scene, at the university’s Marion Hall. But the event was cancelled about 8:15 p.m. — before Coulter had a chance to speak. Reports suggested the building was evacuated after someone pulled a fire alarm. “It’s a public safety issue,” said Sgt. Dan Beauchamp.  It was preceded by a Canadian University official warning a popular conservative political commentator that her speech should be muzzled, lest it should transgress our “hate speech laws”. (Source)

It’s one of those things the media doesn’t trumpet too much. After all, the University of Ottawa is a place of tolerance and academic freedom – except of course if you happen to be a conservative.  Then, you become a second class citizen in your own country where your right to be heard is drowned in screams and chants of “racism” and “homophobia”.  It doesn’t matter that this is a public institution, supported in part, by conservative tax dollars. That doesn’t mean much these days, of course.  Conservatives are good enough for being milked for money, but not good enough to have some of that public real estate for one lousy night to exercise a basic human right.  Think of it as taxation without representation.

In his apology amidst shouts of “Shame!” and “François, François!” where he lambasted the barbaric treatment received by Ann Coulter and her audience at the soiled hands of the University Youths, Ezra Levant made this pithy comment:  “like a fish, the rot starts from the head down”.   Many people, including yours truly, left that place of “higher education” tonight, vowing  that Ann Coulter would return to the University of Ottawa one day soon to engage the University Youths, whether they like it or not.

Now, think for a moment what the University of Ottawa, at the instigation of its Vice-President Academic and Provost, is really saying.  They are saying that a whole segment of the population is not only not welcome at a publicly funded university, not only will they not be able to express themselves in an open public forum, but even their own safety cannot be guaranteed.  In other words, the University of Ottawa has become nothing more than a Left Wing Violent Ghetto which brooks no dissent or criticism of its views. It’s a place where University officials send veiled threats of prosecution, and hundreds of militant, brain-washed kids joyously celebrate their victory of not permitting themselves – or the other hundreds of Canadian citizens and students who lined up for over an hour – to be offended.  

Not content for being unoffended themselves, they want to ensure that no one else feels offended – or challenged – either. Like a bunch of spoiled and dangerous brats, they will graduate from University believing that someone should be silenced and perhaps go to jail if such a transgressor meets their twisted and demented form of “hate speech”.  Not having their views challenged in the university environment – the place where it should be challenged and refined – they consign themselves to an eternity in the entitlement ghetto of the politically correct where only one view (the one they have been spoon-fed) is permitted or tolerated. This is the “new tolerance” that Canadian Universities are churning out.  It has never occurred to these people that free speech is so foundational to a democracy and a civil society that its loss will inevitably lead to civil strife and violence.  Because if you cannot speak freely without threats of imprisonment from the prevailing political orthodoxy (and from a University no less),  then you steal people’s hope which debate and dialogue inherently always foster. And when you steal people’s hope, society becomes a very dangerous place indeed.  Those are the fascist seeds that the University of Ottawa and many Universities in Canada are planting…and which, one day, will be responsible for the bitter fruit it will reap.

I was seated beside one of Ann’s business colleagues. He told me that, to his knowledge, she has never had a speaking event cancelled before tonight.  How so predictable that a Canadian university would now boast of that disgrace.

Still, even with the speech crime cancellation, I was able to get a few good pictures and short video clips of both the private reception which was hosted in Ms. Coulter’s honour, and the small crowd which was able to filter into the auditorium amidst the screaming, salivating, fist-pounding mob which pressed in on the doors.  I’ve posted some of the pictures and video clips below, along with a short description of each.

Video of Ann Coulter on filing her Human Rights Complaint against the University of Ottawa and François…


Some of the festivities during the evening…



Ezra Levant hamming it up at the beginning of the private reception, minutes before Ann Coulter arrives.




An FD Shot:  Your truly on the Left, and FD member, and Connie and Mark Fournier…

Yours truly and Ezra….

A few shots of Free Dominion’s Free Speech Warrior, Mark Fournier, sharing a few laughs with lovely and gracious Ann….

A fan gets his book autographed and has a friendly chat with Ann…..


Yours truly with Ann….

Ezra explaining how the Star Chamber Courts work in Canada. Notice the look of incredulity on Ann’s face….



Massive crowd (estimates range from 1000-1500 people) line up around the block to hear what Ann has to say. Unfortunately, it was spoiled by a thuggish minority who insisted Ms. Coulter be silenced.


A shot of the crowd in front of the building….


One pissed-off Ezra Levant having to announce the angry, anti-free speech mob gets their way not to be offended….


A couple of cops near the back entrance where we had to exit from in order to avoid a “security problem” with the students of tolerance and peace


The mob outside the events after the speech was cancelled. The fascist thugs got their way….


19 thoughts on “Angry, Fascist University Mob Too Much of a Security Risk to Allow Coulter to Speak

  1. This is becoming more and more common. Anytime liberals don’t want other opinions heard they make up a phobia or an ism to deflect actual debate. Now they simple title any speech they don’t want to be heard as “Hate”.
    The most frightening part is that they are exactly what they hate ! They are intolerant of others opinions. You are welcome to have a differing opinion just keep your mouth shut about it. I hope people are growing tired of these Fascists. The university officials are cowards.

  2. I feel very sad and ashamed to be Canadian. Being a university graduate myself, I now want nothing to do with that establishment.

  3. John, great coverage! Sometimes we can get good mileage out of a non-event like last night. I sure hope that this is the case here. I’ll be writing the Ottawa Citizen today with my two cents about democracy. It was an utter disgrace that civility did not prevail, and that pampered university students were allowed to usurp a public meeting. I just have two questions- Are the Ottawa police really not capable of keeping the peace? And, will the ticket prices be refunded?

  4. Added this paragraph…

    In his apology amidst shouts of “Shame!” and “François, François!” where he lambasted the barbaric treatment received by Ann Coulter and her audience at the soiled hands of the University Youths, Ezra Levant made this pithy comment: “like a fish, the rot starts from the head down”. Many people, including yours truly, left that place of “higher education” tonight, vowing that Ann Coulter would return to the University of Ottawa one day soon to engage the University Youths, whether they like it or not.

  5. This truely represents a lack of free speech. We must pray for Jesus to take the blinders off their eyes. I do not think that any dialogue will change things at this point. We needs Gods intervention.

  6. There are huge discrepancies in the reporting of the numbers – from 2000 protesters to 2000 waiting in line to listen. It would be useful to get the facts.

  7. Oh, Canada…

    This is the way Canadian universities and Canadian culture in general seem to be going. One can’t disagree with or criticise anyone…Unless of course they are a conservative or a Christian, in which case it’s just fine, or perhaps even admirable.

    Merry Christmas anyone?

  8. The Red Star claims an “organiser” (implying the group that invited Ms Coulter to speak but perhaps meaning University staff) said there were 2,000 “threatening” students. The “report” also calls Ms Coulter a “no show”.

  9. It was just a matter of time before the Chicago mafia
    values spread across our boarders if they are not here already.

    The sister of a an admitted Communist in the U.S. is now living in Toronto and should be deported as, no doubt, she is spreading her values there. The Acorn group is also (I believe) working in Canada to undermine our values especially in Toronto.

    We should have stood up for our values a long time ago when the feminists were getting so powerful. Feminists had a lot of input into our “Rights and Freedoms” document – thanks to Pierre Trudeau.

  10. The actions of today’s left wing “tolerant and compassionate” students are a mirror image of the youths in 1933 Germany. And yet they are so ignorant of history that they have the audacity to call us conservatives “facists”………..God help us all.

  11. Question: How do the “minority” of “fascist thugs” get their way in a “Left Wing Violent Ghetto?” Get your political hyperbole right!

  12. This is the same crowd of screaming left wing tyrants which are set loose on Fathers and Men when they try to get their Charter Rights in Court to be able to parent their children equally and who intimidate the media and the judges so that our story is never told. They are also the same bunch you see trying to disrupt the March For Life. No difference. Same Bullies, Same deceitful liars. Same thugs. Same destructive Evil.

  13. Are you @@kidding me?! Free speech was never meant to include spewing venon and hate in the world! A HUGE right on to Ottawa U. students! Our youth will show us the way…

  14. What do you expect from university students who are taught Politically Correct Relativism as a way of life, by court enforcement and government decree? We all go to schools and universities where the Politically Correct try to socially engineer everyone. Students are taught murder without guilt (Abortion), and love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education).
    Everything that we say can be proven by verifiable evidence and scientific facts. It is not discrimination or hate, but common sense and provable facts spoken in love and respect. Was free Speech intended to brainwash students with Politically Correct relativism?

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