Anglicans Come Full Circle: Ordinariate Established

This story is great news.  It shows, in so many ways, that the the Vaticanista and Sandalista ideas of milksop ecumenism have been a waste of time during the past 40 years. 

Benedict is a revolutionary Pope.  The guy’s over 80, and he doesn’t shy away from conflict or putting the “professional ecumenists” in their place.

In lightning speed, Benedict has dealt with the child abuse scandal, pushed through liturgical reform while simultaneously checkmating the bishops, and now he has put the professional ecumenists in their place with the establishment of Anglican Ordinariates.

My only hope and prayer is that he make the biggest move of all: strip the National Bishops Conferences and all of their Committees of any kind of ecclesial recognition.  That move alone could do more to save Catholicism and usher in a culture of life in parts of the Western world like nothing else would.  So-called “conservative” bishops would then have no excuse to delegate what is rightfully their responsibility to Sr. Moon & Br. Gaia Earth at regional headquarters of the Education Committee, or be victims of massive fraud, extortion, and lies from the social justice clique in the Church.

The comfortable Professional Catholics (whether they be bishop, priest, religious, or layperson) who occupy positions of power in the Church shouldn’t be feeling too cozy with themselves.  They could be next on Benedict’s list. 

The Panzer is rolling, and it has shown that it has no regard for hurt feelings.

One thought on “Anglicans Come Full Circle: Ordinariate Established

  1. Good! I hope the Panzer rolls right into the HQ of the CCCB. They had no trouble ignoring the elephant in the room, but maybe they’ll pay attention now.

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