Andrew Scheer’s ruling shows he’s more loyal to his conscience than the party whip

But make no mistake, if Mr. Scheer had allowed the status quo to stand, the last vestiges of independence on the backbenches in the House of Commons would have disappeared. The convention that the party whips dictate who says what during Question Period and members’ statements would have been confirmed — the status of backbenchers as disposable as that of Star Trek redshirt security officers on landing-party duty.  (Source)

Hahaha. That’s true!  The poor bozo security officers on Star Trek always got knocked off.

Good one for Andrew Scheer. Putting his Catholic Faith in action.  This is a great day for freedom indeed.

3 thoughts on “Andrew Scheer’s ruling shows he’s more loyal to his conscience than the party whip

  1. This ruling of Scheer’s is no small thing for all Canadians. He has enforced The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms of our Constitution which is the Supreme Law of Canada to which all other laws must conform. He has done a great and historic service to the freedom which is the bedrock of our democracy. The rule of law has prevailed, unlike in the Whatcott decision in which the six usurpers (judges) of power of the Supreme Court of Canada have declared to all of us that “the truth is no defence”. This ruling leaves our freedom of speech and of expression in an historically precarious state. The politicians must over-rule this decision with a new law which specifically states that the truth is a valid defence against unjust prosecution and persecution of all defendants. How much we are living in the theatre of the absurd in the world of George Orwell’s “News-speak”. May God inspire our politicians to act soon before this trampling of our constitutional rights becomes entrenched.

  2. Scheer’s decision was truly conservative, preserving ancient tradition and heritage governing the operation of the House.

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