Andrew Coyne slams Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide

A great article here.

Personally, I’m not surprised by the verdict, but I am disturbed by just how illogical the Supreme Court’s arguments have become. They justify assisted suicide because it supposedly infringes on the right to “life, liberty and security of the person”. So allowing assisted suicide advances the right to life? Really? And the right to security of the person? Are you serious?

The Court also said that the current law infringes on people’s right to make decisions about their “bodily integrity.” Of course, because nothing screams “bodily integrity” like injecting a fatal dose of medication to stop your heart.

The Court also contradicts itself on multiple levels compared to its 1994 verdict in which it upheld the current law.

This is what passes for the “supreme” authority in our land, having the power to usurp Parliament’s right to make laws. Democracy has failed.

Such is the crazy world in which we live. Clearly, God is allowing us to slide deeper towards hell for the time being. Honestly, I’m not sure we deserve any better.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Coyne slams Supreme Court decision on assisted suicide

  1. I agree entirely with your assessment.

    The Supreme Court has contradicted itself in the worst way possible. Democracy has failed. As a nation, we are sliding toward hell. Hello culture of death.

    • Oregon judge: Upskirt photos of teen at store not illegal
      By Associated Press February 9, 2015 12:26 pm.

      When a Democratic Secular society legalizes Kinsey Sex Education starting with it’s Kindergarteners then they can legalize anything,and then enforce it as a human right normalized by adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists to school children.What is legal is moral they say.In a democracy Politics is the reflection of society.Politics is overwhelmingly important in a democracy,as the politicians you elect pass Bills into Law that everyone and their children have to live by.

  2. These days individual “rights” trump what’s good for society, with the effect that society is slowly taken apart, bit by bit. What progressives don’t understand is that a good society creates a base for freedom, but not so much freedom as would take that society apart. We have to be bound together by basic principles.

    • My contemporaries started every school morning in Christian Canada and Western Civilization with the Lord’s Prayer guided by their school teachers,because our Parents , Grandparents and Priests were not politically apathetic or indifferent.Genesis 1:27 finally gave everyone the right to vote as an equal person.Our Priests were motivating this.

      Starting in 1962 Western Governments and Supreme Courts started ruling Christianity in Government,Law and Education was unconstitutional,and so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism Constitutional,and here we are with so-called”neutral” Secular Pagan school teachers,homosexual,transgendered etc.,activists normalizing perversion to school children,as human rights.

      Krishna,Allah,Re,Zeus etc., are not just other names for our God.Each God/Worldview has it’s own attributes.The blame for this evil so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan indoctrination in a democracy is the voters, Political and Religious leaders.Revelation says the same.We are given volition(free will)to use as we see fit. The majority has chosen poorly,but will they continue to be politically apathetic and indifferent?

  3. Steven in 2005 Parliament kept the age of sex consent 14 as we were trying hard to politically raise it.The December 22,2005 Supreme Court Of Canada Decision made matters worse as they decided to declare consenting 14 year olds as consenting adults.This made Canada a legal destination for Sex Trafficking Predators and Pedophile, as a human right. After working hard to unite righteous Canadians Politically to stop this exploitation of Canadian youth, we finally got enough voters to pressure The House Of Commons to raise the age of sex consent in 2008,for the moment.This proves we can win these political battles, if political apathy and indifference is tossed out for the childrens sake. Now The Supreme Court and Parliament Of Canada are at it again legalizing evil,which sets precedents for more of the same. JP knows how difficult it is to politically unite people in our democracy to prevent the legalising of evil.The anti-Christs or so-called “neutral” Secular Pagans will not stop until they are politically stopped by us in our democracies.Therefore Political apathy is diabolical.We must remain politically vigilant and win back our land for the children,and put and end to the culture killing our most vulnerable.

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