And Leftwingnut Justice for All

The Star Chamber apologists have come out to engage the freedom loving people of Canada.  How ironic it is that they are afforded the same right that they themselves are seeking to deny others. 

And it is not just a mere handful of Canadians who look to our provincial and federal human rights commissions. Whether we know it or not, the vast majority of us benefit from decisions and rulings by these commissions…

Huh? No. Typically, it’s the fringe groups who target Christians and other conservatives. The general public usually has nothing to do with it.  It’s basically a place where you can extort money on the cheap from the person or company who has offended you. 

But they are right about something.  It’s not a mere handful of Canadians who are benefitting. Actually, it’s one guy, at least with the CHRC.

In March 2006, for example, the Toronto Star reported that an average three-day civil trial is likely to cost at least $60,738 — more than the median family income in Canada of $58,100. The Chief Justice of Canada, Beverley McLachlin, recently urged governments and the legal profession to find solutions to the access-to-justice crisis that has made this country’s legal system punitively expensive for ordinary citizens. (Globe & Mail)

And you have found quite the solution.  Complainants pay nothing; respondents everything.  Guess that shows us what you think justice should be.  Is such thinking specific to your particular marginalized group or does it infect the Left as a general rule?

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