And Jesus’s Church Welcomes Home Her Estranged

The members of Mount Calvary Episcopal Parish in Baltimore voted on October 24 to seek entry into the Catholic Church as an Anglican Use parish.

“I am saddened that members of this small congregation have found a need to leave the Episcopal Church, of which Mount Calvary has been a part since 1842,” said Rt. Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton, the Episcopal Church bishop of Maryland. “For those who are leaving I wish God’s blessing upon them … We are a diocese that receives warmly traditionalists and progressives, conservatives and liberals, women and men, married and single clergy, and persons oriented to the same gender.” (Source)

That’s why they’re leaving, there, Eugene.  When you stand for everything, you’ll fall for anything.

Catholic or Bust. That’s where it’s heading. Get on the barque of Peter or perish.

Meanwhile the Catholic Church is looking more and more like her old self.

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