And Don’t Forget About Dalton’s Connection To Celebrity Priests…

In 2008, Fr. Rosica interviewed Dalton McGuinty as a “devout” practicing Catholic on his program Witness. McGuinty, in talking about his faith, stated that he’s a practicing Catholic, but differs with the Holy Father on the issues of abortion and “same-sex marriage”. Rosica said nothing and just kept nodding and then went on to something else. Some viewers were outraged and sickened by the scandalous message Rosica was sending out, and wrote to him. They received no reply from Rosica and the program was repeated on at least two occasions.

It sure is good to know all of the Catholic establishments are so anchored in the Faith and show such wonderful prudence in the company they keep.

2 thoughts on “And Don’t Forget About Dalton’s Connection To Celebrity Priests…

  1. good historical precedents. Henry VIII was declared “Defender of the Faith” by the Pope, before he declared himself “Head of the Church in England”.

  2. What on earth has Father Rosica been smoking??? By 2008, it was already well known that Dalton McGuinty was an anti-Catholic apostate who masquerades as a dutiful Catholic family man. Father Rosica should know better.

    In 2002, McGuinty publicly supported the homosexual lobby in its efforts to compel Catholic schools to allow homosexual students to bring their same sex mates to school dances. He even wrote an op-ed stating, in effect, “I’m Catholic and I have no problem with it, therefore the Church should stop being so bigoted and allow it”.

    Years ago, the Church would have excommunicated McGuinty. Great popes like Gregory the Great, Innocent III, or Pius IX, would have had no hesitation. That’s what McGuinty deserves. Cardinal Collins should step up and put McGuinty in his place. McGuinty should not have the luxury of cutting the Church at every opportunity while masquerading as a dutiful Catholic. It makes me sick.

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