Anatomy of how to cook the climate-change data

Stand clear: climate scientists at work

Please take 2 minutes of your time to read this fascinating article by Lawrence Solomon of the Financial Post.  In it, you’ll learn how desperate the climate change advocates have become.

The latest attempt by climate changers to mislead you is to claim that 97% of scientists believe that human activity is mainly responsible for global warming since the 1700s.  You’ll likely hear this number many times in the media in the coming weeks.

To obtain this figure — get this — a couple of researchers started with a sample of 10,257 scientists as the basis for their survey.  But in the end, they only kept the responses of 77 scientists out of 10,257.  No, that’s not a typo. They kept less than 0.8% of the scientists for their survey and discarded the other 99.2%.  Mr. Solomon’s article provides the recipe for this shameless fabrication.

Tell me, dear reader, what sort of “science” feels the urgent need to cook the numbers in order to prove a point?  If the evidence was so overwhelming, they wouldn’t need to cook the books, would they?

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