Anathema Sit

I always wondered what Trent looked like. Now I know.

What a breath of fresh air this episode was.

I’m right on with Voris on this:  if you don’t accept what the Church teaches, have the honesty to admit it and get out…that includes bishops too.

One thought on “Anathema Sit

  1. I just want to begin with …Thank you Michael for this episode, and thank You John for posting it as well.

    I used to bring up so much of what he speaks of in my the parish I used to frequent, and I was told things like “O we don’t follow those old Saints anymore”., I was quoting St. Francis De Sales or St. John Vianney, or if I spoke in pain language about real reverence and how the Church is to be a place of Sacred Silence during the Mass and should we not revere that and not a romper room with everyone, including children running back and forth, let alone eating and drinking during Mass ( I know I used to clean up the pews when I first attended, or what about appropriate attire respecting modesty and purity before Our Blessed Lord and what Our Blessed Mother Mary says about purity of
    mind, BODY and soul, and so on ans so on. What about the nonsense of everybody hugging one another and yacking away loudly in one mass frenzy while people are trying to pray before Mass. Is that not what the Church Hall is supposed to be fore AFTER Mass or even outside?

    What about the sugary sappy ,baby food homilies
    that are laced with sappy jokes so as not to get too “heavy” now lest someone be offended. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE UPSET INSIDE WHEN WE SIN! AND GUESS WHAT FEEL GUILTY AND HORRIBLE AND DIRTY!!!. We have offended God!

    We have hurt the One Who loved us so much He was crucified for our same sin, and we continue to do it to HIM!!! There is nothing casual about sin,

    This Christianity light, is from the devil. It is ugly,
    putrid and just because some have as usual been deceived because they want a “god” WHO IS THEIR OWN VERSION AND never speaks of Hell
    or the Truth about Purgatory, and we can all go off after such bad celebrations and “act” as if all is fine and dandy because hey there is hardly any Confessions at such parishes, since all these folk don’ seem to sin, at least in their deceived minds.
    They do not want the real God of Heaven and Hell,
    they want a fellowship. Look around, they miss half the Mass because they are running all over the Church or talking, or eating, or laughing or going to the bathroom for the 3rd time during a 90 minute Mass.
    I won’t speak of how many of these people come to daily Mass., because I do not know, except the number is way down.Does that surprise anyone? People are not being told the Truth about what matters the most, especially cohabitation, contraception and all matters related to Moral Purity before God and especially before we dare receive Him and the fact that so many people are bringing condemnation on themselves through sacrilege does not seem to bother those doing the Shepherding is frightening. Satan has indeed entered the Church in a big way as it was foretold he would because we have let him through our sin, and rebellion and disobedience before Holy God in following what He and through Our Blessed Mother have said They desire to be taught and Catechized.

    One truly loves another when they tell the Truth
    and not by people pleasing , cheap flattery and idolatry run rampant throughout Gods House in the form of the laity, as well. We are but humble and trusted servants, and nothing without the Grace of God, and there is a Hell, Jesus spent more time talking about in then Heaven because He wants us to avoid the pitfalls that can lead us to fall into it.
    Of course He desires noone go there. We have a life time here to live in such a way and or repent so as in order not to, and that it is for everyone, so if people after knowing this continue to deny and ignore and live is some false “bliss” that everyone is going to Heaven they deceive themselves.

    God destroyed the world twice because of sins against related to sexual impurity and idolatry, (of ourselves, obviously), since we rebelled and disobeyed Him and He is God!!!. When someone asks you why you do something, it is enough to say because God says so. When we sin we run to the fount of All Mercy Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of Reconciliation as soon as possible so we can be made whole again and only then can we be of any real good to Our Lord in serving Him they way we may want to, and we certainly need to go before receiving Him on should receive Him on our knees with our tongues. Why has this not been changed? I still see masses at parishes defiling Jesus by receiving Him in their hands. Oh the offences.!!! The blatant sheer lack of reverence and “oh so casual” way we insult Him makes me cry.

    Please forgive us Lord we crucify You everyday by our indifference to You. We cause You the Agony You spoke of in the garden. The agony of the knowledge that those You were about to undergo unremitting suffering and death for our of Your Love for them and to offer them Salvation because of Your Love would treat You in such an indifferent
    manner, more insulting than the passion of hate, even, indifference- the mark of the lukewarm modernist still reeking from the body of self, that has not been surrendered or died to….. continually

    I love You and adore You
    Father God, Beautiful, Son Jesus Christ and Blessed
    (My Life), Holy Spirit and Thank You Mother Mary, good St. Joseph and All the Saints and Angels Lord You have given us as well.

    You little girl
    Frances Wilkinson

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