Down with Stephen Harper in Ottawa West Nepean

 UPDATE:  Correction on Candidates in Ottawa West Nepean – According to the recent update at Campaign Life, there are NO pro-life candidates on the ballot. I had initially communicated that David Pratt was pro-life. He was back in 2004, but now he seems to have changed his mind and holds to the pro-abortion position. Here is the link from Campaign Life:


I was seriously considering spoiling my ballot and voting for Sarah Palin as a protest vote during this upcoming election in Ottawa West Nepean.  I thought there were no alternatives for the pro-family vote. However, I’ve been doing some digging and I’ve noticed that Liberal David Pratt is at least less objectionable than the other candidates.  Here is what I was able to find.

  • From the 2004 Federal Election….NEPEAN-CARLETON • Incumbent David Pratt (Liberal) — Pratt is defence minister. He supported the Alliance marriage motion and was absent for the vote on C-250. He has a C grade from Egale for his past record. Pratt did vote in favour of C-23 to provide same-sex couples with equal status as opposite-sex couples in 68 federal laws. But he also supported a Reform Party motion to define marriage in exclusively opposite-sex terms. (Source)
  • Summary: 2008: In response to an interview with a constituent he says he is Pro-Life and was not active as past MP. Vaugue on euthanasia.  (Source: Campaign Life Coalition)
  • From a reader of Socon or Bust…”During the federal election in 2004 when Pierre Poilievre first challenged and beat David Pratt in Nepean Carleton, I attended a public meeting in the Walter Baker
    Centre.  The issue of abortion was raised. Both candidates unequivocally declared themselves as pro-life. The press, of course, was silent on this.” – David

Now, while it’s likely true that voting for Pratt is not likely to advance the pro-life voice much, at least he shows some uneasiness with both the destruction of marriage and the worship of abortion in this country.  By itself, these factors alone might not mean too much, but when you add this to Stephen Harper’s betrayal and jackbootery against not only pro-lifers but also freespeechers during his time as Prime Minister, you have to seriously consider voting for Pratt if you live in Ottawa West Nepean.

Stephen Harper is not the answer for the conservative movement.  In fact, he represents an impediment to the growth and advancement of conservative principles in Canada.  He has shown that he values power over principle in many critical areas, not the least of which is the basic human right to free speech.  This lack of respect of freedom encompasses his views against those who would dare raise their voice in defense of the helpless unborn children of this country, along with the very basic idea of free speech for Canada’s citizens against the nation’s Star Chambers.  We should not be surprised that he won’t step up for either of these issues since he has repeatedly shown, from the beginning of his ascent in the Conservative Party, that he brooks no dissent from his views.  I was there when he looked us Social Conservatives in the eye during the Montreal Convention  in 2005, and gambled his leadership by declaring that he would not be leading a Party which would dare challenge the abortion zeitgeist. Indeed, this should not surprise anyone since he fits right in with the CHRC’s modus operandi.  As I told his Attorney General in a letter I wrote back in the Spring, (the sentiments of which are also relevant to the Prime Minister)…

If the Minister of Justice for Canada is not willing to stand for free speech anywhere, anytime, against anyone, then the Minister of Justice does not deserve to be representing the citizens of Canada in such a capacity, let alone as a Member of Parliament for a democratic state. On the assumption that you even do support us, if you are trying to figure out when to speak out, where to speak out, or how to speak out on such a vital issue to the future of this country, then I say in all honesty and sincerity:  there’s something wrong with you

What is particularly obscene is that Harper will sell the unborn children out to the pro-aborts by stifling debate in his own Party – not, mind you, because he is a pro-abort, but purely for the sake of political power.  If that is not a disturbing portrait of a power-hungry political zealot, I don’t know what is.  At least the other political party leaders, however warped their view of abortion is, really believe in the euphemism of “choice”. 

Stephen Harper will never lead a majority government in Canada because, outstanding as it may sound, you really cannot trust him.  Liberals prefer to vote for real liberals, not ones pretending to be so.  Stephen Harper is not for conservatism. Stephen Harper is for Stephen Harper. And the sooner that conservatives stop settling for sellouts, the sooner we can regain a principled conservative voice in the nation’s politics.

What were we thinking when we voted him in as Leader?

2 thoughts on “Down with Stephen Harper in Ottawa West Nepean

  1. Pro-life is pro-punishment.
    Gays are people too, why would we want to take away their rights just because we aren’t comfortable with who they choose to marry.

    Face it.
    No one LIKES abortion, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t happen. There are many cases when it’s completely understandable.
    Gay rights are human rights. Why punish people for loving certain people?

    Your article is painfully closed-minded.

    (P.S: A long, long time ago marriage was actually more of the “sale” of a man’s daughter to another man. That’s why the bride’s father walks her down the isle. Bet’cha didn’t know that one!)

  2. Now, now Mr. Pacheco…we know YOU didn’t vote for Stephen Harper. You have been Liberal supporter all along. Everybody knows this so why don’t you quit with the sick joke pretending that it is otherwise?

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