An open to letter to the students of St. Peter’s Catholic High school

You obviously thought long and hard about this open letter to the students. But you neglected to mention one repeated complaint, namely that the trip was never presented to the students as an effort to support Obama. Big why let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

Ken, I’m not sure where you’re getting your facts from. Even the CBC is reporting that students were scheduled to make telephone calls on behalf Obama’s “get out the vote” program. There simply isn’t any room for debate over whether this was a pro-Obama trip. That ship sailed a long time ago. The question now is simply whether a pro-Obama trip was appropriate.  (Source)

Indeed, the ship has long sailed. Let’s all stop trying to give the other side the benefit of the doubt. They don’t care that Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever – even worse than Slick Willy. He is doing more to kill the unborn both in the U.S. and internationally (especially in Africa and using foreign aid as a stick to do it!) than anyone in history.  These are facts which are beyond dispute, and very well known and very widely reported in pro-family media outlets.

We are reaping the rewards of failed Catholic teaching to educate our children and youth on what it is to be Catholic.  Today, every jackass has an opinion on what being Catholic really means, and they think that everyone’s opinion is equally valid.  But that’s not what Catholicism is about.  Either you’re Catholic and actually believe what the Faith teaches, or you’re not and you don’t.  And if you’re not, then have the courage to admit it and move on.

Supporting a pro-abortion politician when you have a choice means you are not Catholic, much less coherent.

Abortion is murder.  Stop pimping for advocates of murder. 

It doesn’t matter that Obama is a good socialist and promises the moon, wind and stars, which by the way, is also condemned by the Catholic Church.


3 thoughts on “An open to letter to the students of St. Peter’s Catholic High school

    • Liberals are always generous with other people’s money. Rarely are they generous with their own.

      I believe in Socialism…for the socialists.

  1. One final comment on the fact a Catholic teacher, even a teacher was doing this for his students to gain an experience in Politics. Why go to rah-rah a president who as was already stated completely
    duplicitous, arrogant beyond words proud, almost thinks he is a god himself- How dare anyone question him, look at how he talks down to his “subjects” or “dis-obedient, naughty folowere who are not his yes puppets, blindly following his one aim to promote abotion as much as possible and oh I forgot he said quite clearly, following in the foot-steps of his father, that he seeks to make Amercia so samll and weak and take away its onetime position of a leading nation in the world. He said that he was going to doo this and has done everything in hnids power to sow hatred of
    the very country the poor blind and deceived people who voted for him, elected him to govern with their best intersts. Obama has nothing but hatred, and disdain for America. He does not even attempt to hide it and one can see through his silly attempts to “debate???” or communicate in anything slightly close to decent and thought out,
    stragy of how to help America in ANY way. He is only conmcerned about himself and evildoers who support him like planned parenhood the mega , unions, such as , oh did I forget to mention
    The TEACHERS UNION. Gee go figure…Teacher planning trip to go support Obama, Ummmm, could that have anything I wonder to do with how much these sad carricatures of true teachers and mentors and of what likes to pass itself off as “educators” of our youth, but instead does nothing of the kind but “plitisizes them steering them to also hate their own country and feeding them socialist lies everything, from the Truth about the One True Religion (Catholicism) to all history and teaches them the “new” lbg…whatever, my mind has purposely not allowed itself to attempt to remember this acronym, because it is so against anything even slightly moral or ethical. Oh I forgot am I going to be arrested for not knowing this and be labelled a “hater” , because our present education teaches marriage is now not only adam and steve instead of adam and eve, but adam and just about anything including barnyard animals, and don’t forget parents and relatives It was old fashioned education, that called that incest..but whatever we now teach “modern’ progressive things to our youth, and never mind if they complain about not having a mom and a dad, two parents who are equally and most definately necessary for the healthy upbringing of children, and if tsuch parents insist on this, they will be sure to have death threats and corrective measures and “tolerance” classes taught to them while they serve their penalties .as thg kangaroo courts never care to fight for “their ” rights only the rights of the “bullied” don’t you know?

    Did you forget we give Order of Canada medals to doctors who suck babies out of their mothers wombs with power or voracious intensity that it is sure to torture , and they use instuments and toxic burning solutions that alternatley andon purpose, rip apart, burn, the babies bodies, and stab the brains ofthe babies (just to make sure they are dead, then they sell their organs for profit, or alternatley now I hear China for one crushes the dead babies , into somekind of powder that is sold as something and digested by the very same people who will go and have more abortions. (So sorry I forgot to use the modern, and of course politcally correct cold term , “fetuses” (the same one Obama likes to call his?daughters) Sorry dear obama, fetus is latin for “little child” but ey no discrimating of age against you. You fail toi remind your subjects, dear Mr.Obama that even little people have to be very very little when thewy are in the womb, just like you once were before your mother loved you enough to bear you and be a Procreator with God in giving you life. Did you forget that one?

    I guess that one fails you. Anyway tell some of these animal rights acivists, who are Pro-death when it comes to humans, to go up to their pregnant dog and slice open her stomach or better yet have her drink a saline salt solution that will burn her puppies to death then slice her stomach open and tear, rather rip the puppies, (remember they are still puppies they are just very little and funny looking) out of her, insides whjere they are still attached don’t you know you say it must hurt, I image it does just like the poor babires you refuse to go look at on your Internet that will show you an abortion in vivid and living color , (that is if you were taught that humans come before animals and we are to put their lives as priorities, before ourselves and of course aminals and we OWE it to the least of us, to protect them and we are our brothers keepers, first , and then also our dogs master and keepers) club them and remove their limbs and heads and if they are still breathing do not forget to get out the old scissors
    and stab their cute their puppy heads. Oh you mean someone can see this, I guess because the killing of babies is done in the dark (except for the child, that is), then it is different.

    Do you think God does not see it? He sees everything and some time, He in HIs infinate Mercy and Justice will show you and everyone who collaborated and voted for those who support the
    most heinous crime of all humanity, just what they felt and cried out as they were about to be, and were ultimately murdered in their own Mother’s wombs. You say there is a difference , and indeed you are right, a female dog known as a —–, for all intensive purposes would never kill her own or allow anyone else to, without maybe putting her own life endanger to protect them , because she knows they are hers and their lives need to be protected till they can fend on their own.

    But ey, I had to laugh at the Citizen quoting in its new modern version the hypocytic oath regarding “1st, Do No Harm” It was intended for doctors to heed so they would Do NO HARm. What the Citizen was referring to was telling all medical professional that they should ge the flu shot so they dol not pass on the flu.
    Oh how things have changed. We won’t add the whole flue shot thing is a scam …That is another
    chapter, altogether

    Sorry if I veered away from the teacher thing, but this is all about teach your children…exactly WHAT is it you are teaching them, teachers?

    If it is not founded in the One Truth , it will “Do
    No Good”

    Evil happens because good men do nothing.

    God , Please reveal Your One Truth to all, Mercy and Justice and The Four Final Things-That is what used to be taught…Once upon a time

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