An Open Letter to the U.S. Apostolic Nuncio

His Excellency Carlo Maria Vigano
3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20008
Your Excellency:
Your Excellency is undoubtedly aware of a recent unbelievably scandalous situation that has surfaced in the past several days in the Diocese of His Eminence Cardinal Wuerl. I am referring, of course, to the denying of Holy Communion to a woman living proudly in a state of mortal sin by a priest during the funeral mass of this person’s mother. Incredibly, the Diocese has apologized to the mortal sinner, a woman engaged in the unnatural vice of lesbianism.

Your Excellency, enough is enough.

We suffering Catholics, hanging on to the Faith by a thread, are sick and tired of our Bishops knifing us in the back whenever they are confronted by a hostile media or the homosexual mafia. We are sick and tired of their cowardice, their weakness, their refusal to speak the truth boldly. Things have come to such a sorry pass in America, things have sunk so low that we are now confronted by the spectacle of a Bishop apologizing to a practicing homosexual and what’s worse, reprimanding a dutiful priest for doing his job. This, Your Excellency, is the legacy of Americanism, condemned by Pope Leo XIII in Testem Benevolentiae. But now the time has come to end this attitude.

As more facts about this case surface it is now clear that this wretched woman paraded her perversion to the priest prior to the Mass, whereupon he politely informed her privately to refrain from approaching the Sacrament. When she did anyway, he did what a priest should do. And for that he is humiliated by his own Chancery. The Chancery has just handed the Church’s enemies another club with which to beat us.

Our Bishops are now rightly concerned with the evils coming from Washington (at long last) but if they are going to be obsequious to homosexuals of all people then their chances of turning public opinion around in their favor will be nil. If these Bishops continue (like His Eminence Cardinal Dolan, sadly) to tolerate homosexuals by not shutting down these atrocious “gay masses” in their respective dioceses they will not have a leg to stand on when militant, arrogant homosexuals start getting really aggressive.

Your Excellency, this must stop now. I am asking you to instruct His Eminence the Cardinal and the Bishop who wrote the letter of apology to this lesbian harridan to publicly and unequivocally re-state the Catholic position on the heinousness of the mortal sin that homosexuality is. We want no more weasel words like “sexual orientation” used to cloud the issue; we want clear, undiluted teaching.

I further put this next point as a demand, that Your Excellency demand that the Chancery apologize to the priest in question, and to protect him from the viciousness of these drooling homosexual jackals who are calling for his head.

Enough is enough, Your Excellency. The Church’s policy, dating back to at least Pius XII, of taking the kindly, “pastoral” approach has not worked. It is a failed policy. This policy of being “nice”, of not confronting our non-Catholic friends with the truths of the Faith, of gentle persuasion, indeed of Americanism, has been an unqualified disaster. This policy has produced two generations of Mass-going Protestants. It has paved the way for easy divorce, contraception, abortion and now acceptance of homosexuality. It is long past time that Rome abandons this policy and begins to govern with a gentle but firm hand. And here now is a case presented to the Church to institute this better kind of policy.

The world is watching to see what the Church will do now, Your Excellency. Let the world see justice, strength, courage and holiness – not vacillating and weakness. I urge Your Excellency not to let this matter grind through the usual slow Roman channels. Swift action is now required. Souls are at stake. How are souls at stake? Your Excellency knows well that the Chancery’s apology to an avowed lesbian will harden her in her disordered lifestyle and should she die in such a tragic state, she will suffer the torments of Hell.

I urge Your Excellency to deal with this matter without further delay.

With every good wish,

The Eye-Witness

The fact that a holy and faithful priest was thrown under the bus by Cardinal Wuerl, the Archdiocese of Washington, CanChurch, and the rest of the poutine hierarchy shows us very clearly that our Church is really not serious about fighting the culture war.  It’s only interested in paper Catholicism – the Catholicism that is applied on paper but not really so much in practice.  In practice, it’s about being “pastoral” which is code for being a coward and a whimp.
We’re quickly coming to the point where Rome needs to take responsibility for its appointment of bishops.  Recently, the Vatican has started to make some good appointments, but who knows if this is just a coincidence, or if they have finally come to the conclusion that the episcopal recommendations coming out the Bishops’ Conferences is suspect at best. 
Rome needs to start to utilize other paths and means of selecting good bishops, principally getting the input of faithful Catholic lay groups who can give them CRITICAL input into the selection of a bishop. Let’s hope that all of the hubris and destruction caused by the “lay run” church these past 40 years gets some play the other way for a change with faithful lay Catholics getting a say in who becomes their bishop.
Schism is in the air and Rome has a responsibility to step up to the plate and call a spade a spade. 
To paraphrase, St. Augustine:  Rome has not spoken clearly enough. That’s why the matter is still not closed.

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