An Open Letter from A Lesbian

Very powerful.

This is a very brave woman – one who we Christians can truly call “Sister”.  She’s not interested in the “yes” men of Christianity.  She wants the real deal.

As for the liberals, she doesn’t fit into the conventional box, does she?  You can see smoke coming out of their ears – “This does not compute! This does not compute! Error! Intolerance! Hatred! This does not compute!”

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter from A Lesbian

  1. To a sister in Christ: First, you try to make it sound like homosexuals constitute more than the 1%, and I´ve also heard up to 5%, of the population than has been established by scientific investigation. And, of course, homosexuals need to do this–it is not convenient to be such a small percentage of the population because that shows that their behavior, the misguided attempts to imitate normal people, is indeed aberrational.

    Next, sister in Christ, Christianity does call for us to accept you as a sister in Christ, and if you had never identified yourself to us, we would not have ever known that you were homosexual. One can say the same thing about my situation: You accept me as a brother in Christ, if I don´t identify my sins to you, you don´t know about them, hunky dory. But that is not the way homosexuals operate: In their need to be normal, or at least similar to normal people, they imitate normal people in our intimacy, but homosexuals are sterile, so babies are not produced–only disease, mental problems, suicide, early death.

    So, the best thing is for me to be discreet, to keep my sins between myself and my priest–and God, of course, and you be discreet and keep your sins to yourself. If you do not consider your homosexual acts and general behavior to be sinful, then really we are both wasting our time. But there cannot be any doubt that the human genitals were made for complementary use, for mutuality, and any other use, is abnormal.

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