An Irrelevant Group of Men

CBC’s Kavanaugh  had a fascinating story to tell.  He told of spending ten days in England at the introduction of the human embryology bill which similar to such bills in North America allowed for in vitro fertilization and embryonic stem cell research.  “Much to the shock of the Gordon government,” Kavanaugh recalled, “the Catholic Church went ballistic, they blew up, they issued denunciations of the bill from the pulpit.”The CBC Radio producer continued: “The newspapers were filled with commentary from both sides, the front page of every paper was about the battle over the embryology bill. From an outsiders point of view it was a remarkable exercise in a democratic discussion about legislation that was proceeding through the House of Commons. It flowed into everything because the Cardinals and bishops in England suggested to Catholic politicians that they might not be able to vote in favour of this legislation. Gord Brown was in danger of losing several cabinet ministers, possibly 30 MPs.

Kavanaugh added, “It was an amazing exercise in democracy, the country was afire.  I was actually invigorated and envious because we almost never have these conversations in Canada.”

Significantly he said, “I’ve been thinking about this for two months now. I’ve come to the conclusion that its not our fault, its not the media’s fault.”

“Because the critical element in that story was a church’s willingness to actually engage in public, in the fiercest of terms an issue that they saw as being vital to the future of the nation and the future of humanity.  And the difficulty is in Canada churches are almost unwilling to do that, are unwilling to engage in those types of issues, in those types of discussions”, he said to a room now riveted to full attention. (Source)

Like, tell us something we don’t already know.  The Rosarium sent off its letter asking 62 Bishops to repent and retract the Winnipeg Statement back on March 31. We received a sum total of one reply. That is completely indicative of a hierarchy which is not serious about addressing the real issues that are tearing Canada part.  Last September at their annual conference, the first press release they offered was on Afghanistan. I’m not sure what kind of credibility they have on that particular subject, but it’s not a heck of a lot.  We have over 100,000 babies being murdered in this country every year. We have a rampant sodomized culture ripping apart the family unit, and our spiritual fathers are talking about Afghanistan as their first order of business.

It’s now June and we are less than 2 months away from the 40th anniversay of Humanae Vitae, and we’ve heard didly squat from the bishops about this. I suspect they’ll issue some commemoration statement and go back to doing nothing, saying nothing, and meaning nothing to the culture war raging around us.

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