An Impaired Communion

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I sent Raymond Arroyo an email on the weekend, giving him some of the sordid details of what is happening here with Development & Peace.   I asked him to mention it next time he does a show to give his viewing audience the complete panaroma of the corruption of the Catholic Church and the episcopacy in the Western world.  And… please, please…let us call a spade a spade. This is not just about bureaucrats.  It’s about the bishops and their lies, distortions, and manipulations. 

I”m having a really tough time staying in communion with these bishops.  It’s something that I am struggling with right now, and I hope to get over it one day soon.   Deep down, it’s probably a sign of my own pride.  I know this.  

But when I see crap like this and the treacherous reaction by the bishops? I burn with anger.  Whatever I am and whatever they are – whether one of us is Catholic and the other is not – is, in some respects, not the issue. The issue is that we have very little in common where it counts in the practical struggle against the culture of death.  We are a broken body being held together by thin ligaments. 

One thought on “An Impaired Communion

  1. The American Life League did a great job of presenting the facts.

    The USCCB like the CCCB needs to treat this situation seriously and respond appropriately. It is causing grave scandal and damage to our Holy Mother Church.

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