An (Election) Show about Nothing

The Globe & Mail is reporting that Steve Paikin from TVO will be moderating the English debate on Thurs. Oct. 2:

The broadcast consortium issued their decision this afternoon. The French language debate will take place Wednesday Oct. 1 and the English language debate will be Thursday Oct. 2. The French debate will be moderated by journalist Stephan Bureau and the English debate will be moderated by Steve Paikin of TVO. (Source)

As many freespeechers recall, Steve Paikin and Mike Duffy were about the only 2 TV jocks who gave a damn about free speech at the height of the HRC furor over the Spring and Summer months.  (That really sounds quite revolting, if you think about it.  No wonder MSM journalists have such low regard in our society.  Right down there with their buddies who work at the HRCs.) Both Duffy and Paikin interviewed both Steyn and Levant on their shows. 

Anyhow, it turns out that the English debate on Oct. 2 is the same night as the U.S. vice presidential debate in the U.S.  Since Harper chose to pull the plug on Parliament for no reason except to insist that things are really quite poisonous and dangerous on Parliament Hill these days, and our poor politicians can’t stand to get along with one another.  I don’t see that situation changing after Oct.14 whatever the results of the election are, but you know, I’m not as bright as Stephen Harper is. 

As everyone has finally figured out, we have an election about nothing.  What pressing issues do we have before us that we need an election?  The only issues that really count are free speech and abortion.  And yet all of the parties hold essentially the same position on both issues – for abortion and for the speech police of the HRCs.  Harper has ensured that – like the unborn child – the abortion issue won’t see the light of day.  But we do have a shot at getting these leaders to justify the HRCs to the electorate during prime time.  It should be interesting to see how each leader punts the ball on this issue.  I’m sure it will have to be a fine game for them to play, especially Harper.

If free speech is not brought up as a question, not only are there no pressing “important issues” before the electorate this election, even the hot button ones are off the table too since all the parties share the same substantial position on them.  If I have to choose between watching 5 boring Canadian politicians arguing over the shade of green in their environmental platforms and Smokin’ Joe Biden vs. Wonder Woman, it’s not going to be a difficult choice as to what I’ll be watching.

However, if we all e-mail Paikin ( and ask him to kindly consider popping the free speech question during the debate, that might be worth the price of admission.

Otherwise, the debate, like the election in general, will be like that Seinfeld episode where they come up with the idea of a show about nothing

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