American Express Loses Opportunities @ Costco Because of Abortion

A conversation between yours truly and an employee of Costco (location: Merivale Road, Ottawa) last Saturday:

“Holy smokes, you’ve spent a lot of money here, sir.”

“Well, yes”, I said, “we shop here for most of our groceries.”

Eager for an opportunity to plug American Express, the energetic young man proposed:

 “Sir, you really should sign up for the American Express Card. You get 2% cash back on your purchases.”

“Well, young man”, I responded hesitatingly, “I would gladly do it but American Express supports causes that I do not support.”

“Oh, yeah, I heard about that”, he conceded.

“Abortion”, I said. “They support abortion.  So I can’t sign up with them.”

Now, folks, by his last comment to me, this young man has obviously heard this rejection before.  This might seem to be rather inconsequential, but it’s not.  You see, not only is this young man confronted with the Gospel of Life in the context of a normal conversation, but Costco and then American Express also get the message because it means lost business for them.  In the past, a business could be pro-abortion and they might make money, but today, the momentum is going the other way. If you’re a pro-abort corporation, you’re going to lose money.  The suits who run these companies might still thumb their noses at their customers, but that only shows that their death-dealing ideology is more important than their shareholders. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

In heaven, you can do many things and enjoy all the joy and abundance God has to offer, just bring your Faith and Integrity because He doesn’t take American Express. 

Update:  Apparently American Express got out of the business of supporting Planned Parenthood many years ago. However, if that’s the case, they need to let people know about this change of direction because being a pro-abort corporation sticks in people’s minds.  How many people have been declining American Express at Costco and other places for years and decades because of their presumed support for Planned Parenthood?  I think a marketing strategy is necessary, don’t you?

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