American Cardinals Say Farewell to Pope

You’ll notice of course that, at 2:30, Cardinal Burke kneels while none of the others did.

That gives you an idea why this man is Socon or Bust’s pick to be the next Pope.

5 thoughts on “American Cardinals Say Farewell to Pope

  1. Interesting.. It appears that Cardinal Justin Rigali also knelt… Nevertheless the odds of ANY American becoming Pope are slim to none, with slim just having left town.
    If there is to be one from the western hemisphere, it will likely be Cardinal Ouelet, Cardinal Odilio Scherer or Cardinal Leandro Sandri of Argentina.
    It probably would not go down very well if one from the most powerful country in the world also had the papacy.
    The names I’m hearing most often from Europe are Peter Erdo of Budapest, Dominik Duka of prague Stanislaw Dziwisz of Krakow, and Gianfranco Ravisi of Italy. Cadinal Christoph Schoenborn’s name is surfacing as well.
    As far as Africa goes, I’m hearing more these days about Cardinal Francis Arinze than peter Turkson.
    Don’t get me wrong, I shre your enthusiasm for cardinal burke, but the American factor will likely take him out of the running.

    My shortlist? Not only in terms of preference but in what i believe likelihood: Cardinal Marc Ouellet
    Cadinal Peter Erdo
    Cardinal Francis Arinze.
    Cardinal Ravisi
    Cardinal Sandri

  2. Cardinal Burke is a fake. He is the poster boy for what is wrong with the Church today. He is a glad-handing politician who cares more about image than theology. Any friend of Governor Cumo and the temporal, arch-enemy of the Catholic Church, Barack Obama, is no friend of mine. He doesn’t speak Latin; he speaks Progressive. His response to Obama’s legislative attack on the Church is so hobnob with the rich and powerfull.

    • I’m a little confused with your characterization of Cardinal Burke. Could you be mistaking him with Cardinal Dolan?

    • Phew. I was wondering.

      I don`t think Cardinal Schonborn is the man. I just watched him conduct a youth mass with pop music and balloons. Participants were encouraged to write a message to God and release them.

      He also banned a bishop from a pro-life rally.

      I like Cardinal Pell, but I think his forthright comments in the media might have damaged his chances. I find professional Catholics tend to be allergic to candour.

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