America Alone

I’m a social conservative. When the mullahs take over, I’ll grow my beard a little fuller, get a couple of extra wives, and keep my head down. It’s the feminists and gays who’ll have a tougher time. If, say, three of the five judges on the Massachusetts Supreme Court are Muslim, what are the chances of them approving “gay marriage”? (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p. xxvii )Appeasement is a vote to live in the present tense, to hold the comforts of the moment. To fight for king and country is to fight for the future. But a barren society has no future, and so what’s to fight for?” (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.37)

The Left, for its part, offers an appeal to moral virtue: it’s better to pay more in taxes and to share the burdens as a community. It’s kinder, gentler, more compassionate, more equitable. Unfortunately, as recent European elections results demonstrate, nothing makes a citizen more selfish than socially equitable communitarianism: once a fellow’s enjoying the fruits of government health care and all the rest, he couldn’t give a hoot about the general social interest; he’s got his, and if it’s going to bankrupt the state a generation hence, well, as long as they keep the checks coming till he’s dead, it’s fine by him. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.45)

This is why countries that fall into this model don’t care about defense and care even less about having children. National Defense means losing comforts. It means sacrificing part of the huge social programs they have come to expect, to be entitled to. And children? Too expensive. Too much of a drag. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p45-55)

Her Majesty’s chilly Dominion is the land where straights live in comon-law partnerships and the gays get maried. And the upshot is: America’s fertility rate is 2.11; Canada’s is 1.48. And where does that lead? Canucks are aging faster than the Yanks. In 2000, oldsters formed 16.3% of America’s population and 17% of Canada’s-close enough. In 2040, they’ll form 26% of America’s population and 33.3% of Canada’s. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.55)

“Looking at it another way”, wrote Frank Gaffney in his book War Footing, “Saudi Arabia-which currently exports about ten mbd [million barrels of oil a day]-receives an extra half billion dollars every day.” Where does that extra half-bil go? It goes to the mosques and madrassas tha the Saudis export, ideology is-petroleum merely bankrolls it. (Mark Steyn, Americal Alone, p. 69)

Herbert Asquith is not the most famous British prime minister to American ears, but he’s the one who took his ocuntry into the Great War, which is the one that ended the Caliphate and delivered the Arab world into British hands. His great-granddaughter, Emma Clark, is now a Muslim. She’s a landscape artist and has designed an “Islamic garden” at the home of the Prince of Wales. The Honorable Jonathan Birt, sone of Lord Birt, the former director general of the BBC, is also a Muslim and is known as Yahya Birt. The Early of Yarborough is a Muslim, and oes by the name Abdul Mateen, though whether he can get served in the House of Lords tea room under that moniker is unclear. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.92)

Americans take for granted all the it’s about the future of our children” hooey that would ring so hollow in a European election. In the 2005 German campaign, voters were offered what would be regarded in the United States as a statistically improbable choice: a chidless man (Herr Schroder) vs. a childless woman (Frau Merkel). Statist Europe signed on to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s alleged African prover-“It takes a village to raise a child”-only to discover they got it backward: on the Continent, the lack of children will raze the village. And most of the villagers still refuse to recognize the contradictions: you can’t breed at the lethargic rate of most Europeans and then bitch and whine about letting the Turks into the European Union. Demographically, they’re the kids you couldn’t be bothered to have. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.109)

In eastern Germany, rural communities are dying and one consequence is that village sewer systems are having a tough time adjusting to the lack of use. Populations have fallen so dramatically that there are too few people flushing to keep the waste moving. Traditionally, government infrastructures expenditure arises from increased demand. In this case, the sewer lines are having to be narrowed at great cost in order to cope with dramatically decreased demand. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.114)

There’s no precedent for managed decline in societies as advanced as Europe’s, but the early indication are that it’s going to be expensive…For purposes of comparison, by 2050 public pension expenditures are expected to be 6.5% of GDP in the U.S., 16.9% in Germany, 17.3% in Spain, and 24.8% in Greece. In Europe, we’re talking not about the prospect of having to reduce benefits but about so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, adieu, adieu, adieu to yieu and yieu and yieu.” (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.114)

Abortion is one manifestation of what John Paul II called the reduction of sexuality into an ‘instrument for self-assertion’. Mr Reade might respond, ‘Yeah, that’s what’s so great about it!” But whatever one’s tastes in this area, as the pope understood, sex as mere self-assertion is a dead end. If the progressives either abort or decline to conceive their progeny, the progeny of the rednec knuckle draggers will be the only fellows around. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.179)

For many nations, it’s already too late. As Romania and other Communist countries belatedly discovered, even a repressive dictatorship has a hard job coercing the populace into breeding once they’ve lost the habit. When I’ve mentioned the birth dearth in newspaper columns on abortion, pro-“choice” readers have insisted it’s due to other factors [editor’s interruption here – of course, the mysterious “other factors” to avoid having to deal with their easy sex lives) – the generally declining fertility rates that affect all materially prosperous societies, or the high taxes that make large families prohibitively expensive in materially prosperous societies. But this is a bit like arguing over which came first, the chicken or the egg – or, in this case, which came first, the lack of eggs or the scraggy old chicken necked women desperate for one designer baby at the age of 48. Whether or not Russia, Japan, and Europe’s fertility woes derive from abortion, what should be obvious is that the way abortion issue is posited-as an issue of personal choice-is in and of itself- symptomatic of the existential crisis of the dying West.” (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.189)

The chief characteristic of our age is “deferred adulthood”. All over North America and Europe there are millions of people going to college for no good reason. Certainly, there’s no reason why the sum of knowledge the average American has accumulated by the time he’s completed a bachelor’s degree should take twenty years to inculcate. We need to redirect the system to telescope education into a much shorter period. Instead, we’ve implicitly accepted that our bodies mature much earlier than our great-grandparents’ but that our minds don’t. We enter adolescence much sooner and leave it much later – in some cases, not until middle age. We’ve created a world where a thirty-one year old European male can stroll into a nightclub, tell the babes he lives at his mom and dad’s place in the same bedroom he’s slept in since he was in diapers-and he can still walk out with a hot-looking date. This guy would have been a laughing stock at any other point in human history. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.191)

The Islamic crescent flying over 10 Downing Street? You’d be surprised how quickly the question of what flag should fly over government buildings can become an issue. In 2005, Anne Owers, her Majesty’s chief inspector of prisons, banned the flying of the English national flag in English prisons on the grounds that it shows the cross of St. George, which was used by the Crusaders and so is offensive to Muslims. The Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Agency has also banned the English flg from its offices. So has Heathrow Airport. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.197)

If it were just terrorists bombing buildings and public transit, it would be easier: even the febblest Eurowimp jurisdiction is obliged to act when the streeet is piled with corpses. But there’s an old technique will understood by the smarter bullies. If you want to break a man, don’t attack him dead on, don’t brutalize him: pain and torture can awaken a stubborn resistance in all but the weakest. But jsut make him slightly uncomfortable, disrupt his life at the margin, and he’ll look for the easiest path to re-normalization. (Mark Steyn, America Alone, p.198)

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