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There is no cure for it. The legal papers make clear — go to lengths to make clear — that he will be hounded until the day he dies. Male suicide rates, not only in this province but across North America, are at their highest level since the depth of the Depression in the 1930s. They are four times higher than the female suicide rate, and while no government has the guts to gather statistics on this, it is an easy guess that family court disasters lie behind a large proportion of them.

The legacy of feminism has been to make us acutely aware of women’s sensibilities, no matter how frivolous; and obtusely indifferent to men’s, no matter how grave. Men are consistently demonized in the feminist propaganda, women consistently presented as victims, in defiance of the facts of human nature, which show the capacity for evil to be well-distributed. Under the pressure of feminist lobbying, our entire family law system has been skewed so that the man almost invariably pays, the woman almost invariably collects, regardless of the circumstances. Only in the most extraordinary cases is the man granted custody of the children, or even equal access.

The keystone of the feminist order is “domestic violence.” Men are so universally presented as having “anger management issues,” that even in the extreme case, where a woman has murdered her husband, the court will invite feminist “experts” to argue that the man must have deserved it. And the man in this scene is unable to defend his own posthumous reputation, for dead men tell no tales. (Source)

The castration of masculinity and fatherhood, coupled with the wholescale propaganda of homosexuality as a natural and healthy behavior, is a direct consequence of the feminist movement’s goals of eradicating any obstacle to their goals of gender totalitarianism.  Feminism has replaced in spades what they considered “patriarchal domination”.  It’s a sick and twisted ideology that sees men as enemies and children as burdens.  It has led to the massive genocide of the unborn child and the wimpification of men and their reduction to being mere sperm donors.  We are only beginning to taste the bitter fruit that this will bring to society, but there won’t be any mistaking where it came from.  Far from liberating or empowering women, it will be known as a movement which suppressed a woman’s femininity, grace, and beauty in favour of a masculinized icon.

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