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Dear John,

In view of the disturbing news of “Development and Peace”, I would like to propose three different charitable donations for your consideration and to announce on your site if you feel compelled to it. 

These are the following considerations:

1.)    When Father Scott McCaig went to Africa a couple of years ago, he met a gentleman named George and his family.  Unfortunately his wife was cancer-stricken and has since died.  George has children but is in great need of help.  He lost everything including his house in order to pay for his wife’s medical bills.  This past Lent, we have been collecting donations to help George rebuild his life including a home.  In order to start the foundation, etc. to build a house, it costs a little over $2,000.  These donations will be going directly to him and there is no middle-man which is great.  We are going to be making Our Lady of Seven Sorrows rosary beads (which by the way we have been reciting in the last few weeks, and especially on Friday mornings after Mass) and a booklet will come with it and will be sold for a donation or nominal price on Divine Mercy Sunday.  This is a great Lenten almsgiving project for our parish as we are united as “One” in the Body of Christ.

2.)     Another project is to help a nun that runs an orphanage in Africa.  They are also in dire straits. 

3.)    Another project which is so beautiful is that Fr. Scott will be going to Vietnam-communist country-where Christians are persecuted and tortured for the faith.  He will be visiting men that have “the calling” and wish to begin their studies in the seminary towards the priesthood.  I would say that the Lord is giving them courage and perseverance in this.  In order to be in the seminary, it costs $1 per day per seminarian—in other words–$365.00 per year which is extremely reasonable for the greatest “calling”.    June 19th is the Feast of the Sacred Heart, World Day for Priests and beginning that day, the Vatican has declared the start of “The Year of the Priest”.  Worthwhile and noble.

John, there are so many charities one could give to that are very worthy.  The beauty of the above charities is that there is no middle-man.  When you hear Fr. Scott speak about his missions, he leaves your heart full of love and compassion.  This is exactly what we need a “Culture of Compassion”.   Mercy is the answer to life’s struggles and we will become even more united as the Body of Christ, when all our hearts become united to the One and Only—JESUS CHRIST.

– Maria P. 

To donate to any of these causes, contact Maria P. at  (613) 225-6067  or  Maria N. at  (613)  723-1135


Greetings John,

I must say I’m quite surprised that there is such a “recent discovery”about Development and Peace.

Forgive me for being careful not to say too much here.

I attended a meeting (perhaps 18 years ago) in which priests and some others were present.  The talk was given by two people promoting Development and Peace.  The bishop at the time was also present.  During question period a priest stood up and asked (in a carefully worded way) whether or not they were absolutely certain  the funds were not going to improper sources.  I picked up enough from the scenario that there was some talk going on about this even that many years ago.  Also, it made me realize that there definitely something wrong here.  I decided right then and there that I would never again give to Development and Peace.

Just about a week or so I mentally asked God why something was not happening to correct this.  I was wandering if some bishops might not know and somehow should be made aware of this.  I prayed.  To my amazement, I was happy to read LifeSite News revealing this so publicly.  I was very happy to say the least!

Now, I know that there are probably many good sources to donate to, but let me highly suggest Aid to the Church in Need.  I have followed many programs showing what they do on EWTN – the title of the program is called “Where God Weeps”.  They are an excellent organization which helps around the world.  They have an address in Toronto I believe where you can donate and get a tax receipt.

The founder, Fr. Werenfried (also referred to as the “bacon” priest) responded to a request by the pope for help in post-war Germany (expecially for the catholic priests who were in desperate need of help.
This organization later spread throughout the world, including communist Russia etc. When Fr. Werenfried felt his health deteriorating, he mentioned to Pope John Paul II that he wanted to resign.  John Paul II closed his eyes for a few minutes (and it was believed he prayed at this time), then looked at Fr. Werenfried and told him maybe he’ll continue for another ten years …which did happen.

Now this founder is desceased but the work is still being carried on on so many poor countries (as well as countries where the church is being persecuted)supporting the churches, priests and people.

This is a superb charity to give to, and so little known!

There are of course Mother Teresa’s Sisters of Charity, as well as another group called Missionaries of the Poor which airs on EWTN called Building Bridges.  They are a relative new fast growing order of priests and brothers serving mostly in Kingston Jamaica and doing similar work to that of Mother Theresa.

I hope you don’t mind my sharing this information with you.

Thank you,



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