Almansa: A Castle of Dreams and Christian Heroism

Make no mistake. The Lord is calling.

“Both the castle and clouds make your sight focus on the tower, which instills an impression of extraordinary gallantry, dignity and majesty. One gets the idea that from this hilltop, this tower is facing an enemy that appears in the distance. But it faces that enemy with gallantry, as if looking at him threateningly and saying: “Come near and I will crush you: I fear not!””

One thought on “Almansa: A Castle of Dreams and Christian Heroism

  1. The signs are here that The Judge will come and His decisions will be eternal.Until He comes the majority will call righteousness illegal and evil legal,and pervert schoolchildren using adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists albeit the so-called “neutral” secular variety,as He predicted in Revelation.The walls of New Jerusalem cannot be breached,even though the so-called “neutral”Democratic Secular variety of Paganism believes it has done so,as Secular Catholic, Secular Protestant,and Atheist etc., leaders are converting to the worldview of Christless Secularism almost to the last one.

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