All Out Attack on the Eucharist…I told you so.

Excommunicated Female “Bishop” seizes Communion

In haste, late at night from the Upper Austrian News.

The Sunday worship celebration in the Parish of St. Peter in Linz did not make the excommunicated “Bishop” Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger as happy as she would have wished. Bishop Ludwig Schwarz refused her communion with the Host. Then she took the wafer herself.

400 people joined the celebration of Mass in the Parish of St. Peter on 28 June. It was held in honour of the church’s patron, St. Peter. Among them, high-ranking politicians. But few noticed what happened during the Communion.

Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger was dressed as a Bishop when she appeared at the Mass in official dress with a large pectoral Cross. During the Communion she chose, consciously or unconsciously, the row in which the Diocesan Bishop Ludwig Schwarz distributed communion. The bishop suggested to her that she should not come, because he could not give her Communion. But Mayr-Lumetzberger would not stop. When it came to her, she was not given the Host. According to ecclesiastical law, someone excommunicated may not receive communion.

Mayr-Lumetzberger took the host herself from the ciborium. “I was there for all men and women in a similar situation in life,” she says in discussion with OÖN. Is it normal to receive the Host like this? “There are different models of the Communion,” she says.  What did she feel? “In the first moment, nothing. But now I feel hurt and angry, like a woman who has been beaten for the first time by a man,” says Mayr-Lumetzberger.

Had she expected to receive Communion?” Yes. The Gospel is a higher authority than canon law. “Mayr-Lumetzberger is excommunicated since according to Canon Law ordination of priestesses is prohibited. It had however never happened that she did not receive the Host. The Church of St. Peter is her home parish.

“I know Christine a long time. For me, she has never come for Communion. She knows what situation this would put me in”, says Parish Priest Franz Zeiger. This Sunday, she came dressed as a Bishop to the Mass.

Do she wish to provoke and did she want to attract attention? “I cannot judge. But dress codes, I cannot enforce on anybody”, says Pastor Zeiger. Did he understand the attitude of Bishop Ludwig Schwarz?  “Yes, in canon law he cannot [give the Eucharist under these circumstances].”

Observers had the impression that the situation during the Mass was painful for Bishop Ludwig Schwarz.

Back in 2005 when I was planning the March for Marriage, I had a conference call with two bishops.  During that call, I told them that the fight over marriage was not about equality or marriage or human rights or anything like that. I told them that marriage was simply one hurdle in a string of hurdles towards the ultimate goal of desecrating the Eucharist.

If the bishops of the Catholic Church do not fully assent and cling to Humanae Vitae and do not start to teach it vigorously, unashamedly, and without compromise, the Catholic Church in this country will be crushed and forced to move underground. 

If there is a bishop who is reading this, I beg you to have the foresight to understand what is going to happen, and to have the holy courage to act now to confront it.  This is a test of your fidelity to the Holy Gospel.  Please understand how grave this situation is.

I would suggest some kind of guard for the Blessed Sacrament, but realistically, all this means ultimately, if this continues, is to go underground.

p.s. As I explained a few years ago to Dalton McGuinty,  the sexual jihad is going to unjustly persecute people of Faith.  Nobody was listening then.  People need to understand that voting for politicians who are against the family and the Church has consequences.

5 thoughts on “All Out Attack on the Eucharist…I told you so.

  1. I believe that protecting good family values and traditional families themselves, is the most important and effective way to guard our future, our Canadian quality of life and the security and strength of our country

  2. What INSANITY!!! We really must pray harder, all of us, for a spiritual awakening, and seek ever more fully to live the Gospel in our lives. Keep up your great work.

  3. Cut off those who are in dissent for their own siritual benefit as a means to force them to turn from their stiff necked ways. This is how God dealt with the people of Isreal in the old testament, it is how the church in St. Catherine of Siena’s time dealt with such scandal, and I suggest today’s church not be afraid to stand by this method of disciplining her members.

    “Not all who cry Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven.”

    What a pickle the church finds herself in today.

  4. We humans can do so much. Each person has their gift. Working together, I believe, we can accomplish much – our time is not necessarily God’s time.

    We must remember that the only person that we can change is ourself. We can strive to be better people through prayer, Sacraments, repentance, etc. Each one is called to be holy (which keeps me busy). Continue to speak out in our own small
    way the truths of our faith whenever we need to.

    I keep my sanity by believing that the Second Coming is not that far off and that will be the solution to the mess we are in. Jesus I trust in You!

  5. Pray hard for the bishops who left this mess from their watch. May God have Mercy on them, and us as we battle this insanity.

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