All is not well in Alice In Wonderland

(London) The president of the Islamic Medical Association has been called before Britain’s medical profession’s board of conduct following a particularly vicious attack on gays in a medical journal.

In a letter to the editor of Pulse – a journal for British doctors – Dr Muhammad Siddiq allegedly said that gay patients deserve neither help nor pity but they do need “the stick of the law to put them on the right path.”

“There is punishment and fine if you throw rubbish or filth in the streets. The gays are worse than the ordinary careless citizen,” the letter said. It also claimed that gays “are causing the spread of disease with their irresponsible behavior. They are the root of many sexually transmitted diseases.”



Remember what I said earlier about the false alliance between Islam and the Left? There will come a time when Islam will not accept this kind of treatment from the Secular commisars. And when that happen….

Cue the Cars….

Let the good times roll.

Let the good times roll.


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