All hell breaks loose over D&P

The Development and Peace scandal has escalated into a full blown crisis. Ever since Archbishop Terrence Prendergast cancelled the speaking engagements of a D&P partner in April, a tidal wave of outrage has emerged among D&P members and donors who are categorically opposed to any reforms at D&P. Most of the noise has come from Québec, where D&P’s membership has many allies in secular society.

Those of you who don’t read French or follow the Québec media are unlikely to be fully aware of the magnitude of the upheaval that has occurred. Let me offer some highlights for you.

It started slowly, with a few dissenting Catholics, including Fr. Claude Lacaille, of which we have reported here. The Canadian bishops issued a public statement correcting Fr. Lacaille’s lies, but that didn’t stop the uprising from spreading rapidly to D&P rank and file.

Various articles have been published in some of Québec’s largest secular newspapers, including Le Devoir and La Presse, who reach hundreds of thousands of readers each day. Radio Ville-Marie, a Catholic radio station in Montréal, has also run several stories. All of these reports have been very supportive of D&P and have portrayed the push for reforms as being driven by fundamentalists and extremists. Clearly, the opposition to reforms at D&P has the mass media on their side.

Four eminent members of D&P also wrote an open letter to the bishops, published in Le Devoir, that essentially warns the bishops to tread carefully because they only play an advisory role at D&P and do not have the authority to “intrude” on internal management. You can almost sense an imminent legal threat coming.

The membership of D&P also created a blog in which they publish numerous letters of support, videos, a petition and abhorrent lies about the evidence against D&P’s partners. Worse, an assembly of the D&P members of Québec and New Brunswick has demanded that the Centre PRODH be reinstated as a funding partner.

A couple of weeks ago, the anti-reformists obtained the support of the Superiors of the Jesuit provinces of English and French Canada, as well as Mexico. We reported on that letter here.

Then last week, the Montréal branch of a major labour union in Québec, called the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), which represents close to 100,000 workers, issued a press release in support of D&P and against the reforms.

A big splash

The opposition to pro-life reforms has put on a fierce display. Scarcely a day goes by without another media coup on their side. As Socon or Bust has been warning our readers, the war over the soul of D&P is far from over. If any of you thought that the battle was won, think again.

You need to understand how a registered charity works. Legally, it’s organized much like a corporation. The members of D&P elect the Board of Directors, who then choose the management of D&P. The members are the ultimate bosses, just like the shareholders in a corporation. And the members are opposing pro-life reforms.

The good news for us is that God loves to work through the small and the weak. Consequently, the outcome is not dependent solely on access to mass media tools. Prayer is a powerful weapon and we need to keep praying very hard.

We also have the truth and the facts on our side. We need to use them. Keep pressuring the clergy, especially the bishops, to proceed with reforms at D&P and to not look back.

Don’t get complacent. This is a time to ramp up our pressure and keep our foot on the accelerator.

12 thoughts on “All hell breaks loose over D&P

  1. They are trying to create two Churches-ORTHODOX Clerical authority must correct and discipline these Professional Catholics.Sit on your wallet and email every Bishop,Cardinal.and the CCCB continuously-screw the media war-it’ll be a Pyrrhic victory for them.I don’t know ANY Catholic that donates to D+P that attends my parish.We all dutifully hand our envelopes in with critical letters and pro-life material.Encourage every Catholic you know not to donate one thin dime lest they be complicit in murdering babies.STARVE D+P.

  2. You’re absolutely right that they ant to create two Churches. Or maybe they just want one Church that turns to the dark side.

  3. The bishops and the popes and the priests and the pastors and the reverends who have had statues and/or sculptures and/or monuments and/or dolls on/at their own properties (including church establishments) have not been trusted because their statues and sculptures and monuments and dolls have been all IDOLS and because they must prove as we must prove through ACTIONS that they as we worship God and believe Jesus Christ AND whereas and because that proof can be given through the ACTIONS of they and we obeying the 2nd commandment: “Do not establish up any idol(s)”, it’s therefore that because those bishops and popes and priests and pastors and reverends have all established up and have kept idols (statues, sculptures, monuments, dolls) in/at their own properties, has been all the reason enough to prove that they have not been worshipping God and that they have not been believing Jesus Christ.

  4. Steve. An idol was and is and will be as “the golden calf” that was the gold forged calf image that was melted together at the time during after Moses had freed the Israelites versus Pharaoh. Some thing similar to that calf image has been the statue over at the Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange where the World Trade Center was destroyed:,r:8,s:186&tx=86&ty=78

    Therefore, because the bull image at the link that I had provided to you has also been englishly worded a “statue” and/or a “sculpture” and/or a “monument” and/or a “figurine”, it’s therefore that that doesn’t change the fact that it’s been an idol. The Liberty Statue’s an idol too and many people have not known that because the english have been very greedy which has been evident through witnessing that their own Great Britain currency has been the most expensive money on the stock market and it’s therefore, that because those english people have been very greedy (in America too), therefore had also overflowed their own english language with many english synonyms and antonyms and homonyms and it’s therefore many idols have been disguised as statues and/or sculptures and/or monuments and/or figurines because some english people who had read the command in the law in the bible at “Do not establish any idol(s)” had not wanted to get caught at committing idolatry because they had desired to fill their pockets with money and had therefore disguised their idols as statues/sculptures/monuments/figurines because those people (such as the politicians) had secretly desired to be praised and/or to be worshipped because once again, they had desired to gain enough money in their pockets to greedily attempt to control the world, which, by the way, will never happen because greed equalling a weakness, will therefore never have what it requires to rule the world properly.

    Trust God’s commandments and believe Jesus Christ through the evidence given from the Spirit located through reading and believing the saints’ testimonies located in what they had titled “the bible”, and you’ll be okay 🙂

  5. Hi Danny, I definitely trust God and believe in Jesus Christ. I also agree that idols are bad. But I don’t see why every statue is necessarily an idol. In fact, some “idols” are actually interiorized and aren’t visible (e.g. greed, lust, etc.)

    If somebody has a picture of their wife and kids on their desk, is that an idol?

  6. Don’t confuse pictures containing real people and idols together as the same thing(s).
    Any human being is a living life and is therefore NOT a statue, and therefore, any pictures containing human beings in the picture are human lives and are therefore not idols.

    God had pointed out Idolatry had been dangerous because idolatry had been the type of formation that had drawn enourmous attention to itself whereas the amount in attention it had drawn would be the type of popularity that would be equilivent to and as worship and/or praise.

    Therefore, that’s why God had so lovingly commanded Moses and His other priests to gladly command people to not commit idolatry. The signification about worship always was and always is and always will be:
    1) If I sorta love an other human being, then it’s therefore that I don’t really LOVE that human being because it’s more closer to “I like that human being”.
    2) However, worship itself was and is and will be the MOST LOVE any and all human beings could possibly show.
    3) The best 2 commandments = “Love the Lord God with all your heart and mind and soul with all your strength” and “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
    4) Therefore, because those are the 2 best commandments, it’s therefore that they match up with the 1st top and the 2nd top commandments : “1. Worship only God” and “2. Do not establish up any idol(s)”.

    A clay pot was not and is not and won’t be an idol. An idol is a formed formation that’s been formed in rock or clay or gold or wood (etc) depicting a LIVING life such as any statues depicting angels and/or humans and/or animals and/or insects and/or vegetations.

    If those american politicians had trusted God, then it would be that they would not had invented their own laws to gain their own popularities whereas one american law in all the american laws has been the “right” that they gave themselves to gain the large amounts in popularity at when and at because they had invented an american law giving themselves their own “right” to establish “The Statue (Idol) of Liberty”. Fact: Lady Liberty was and is and will be a false God/false Goddess much similar as Zeus and Aphrodites and Medusa and Ba’al.

    Therefore, when the american politicians had not trusted God at when and at because they had invented the american politicians’ own “laws” whereas those some laws have given people permission to own and to operate strip clubs and pornography businesses and sex toy shops, what it was that those american politicians were saying were: “God’s law ‘Do not commit adultery = NOT TRUSTED, and our laws ‘You may purchase a permit to own/to operate a strip club” = TRUSTED”.

    They drew in much attention to themselves through those disbodient attitudes of theirs and had therefore made the REAL LAW (God’s law) look and sound UNLAWFUL while and because they had made their own corruptions look and sound LAWFUL and they did this to tempt people to win themselves past, present and future elections which has therefore been America’s largest downfall.


  7. Hi Danny,

    I share your concern about the moral decay of our civilization.

    Returning to the issue of idols: What about statues of real people, like historical figures? Those were real people too. Are those idols? How is a photograph of my dead grandmother different from a statue of a dead historical figure in terms of them being an idol or not?

  8. Yes, statues (sculptures, monuments, figurines, dolls) depicting “real people”, historical and non-historical, were and are and will be graven images (idolatry).

    Also, David (Saint David) never gave and never gives any and all permission(s) to form “The statue of David” no matter if people believe David = popular (or) David = non-popular and Saint David never gave and never gives any and all permission(s) to form any and all other graven images.

    Taught from Jesus Christ to Saint Mark and to many others and for all others:
    Love God with all your heart and mind and soul with all your strength and love your neighbors as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.

  9. Statues were and are and will be a solidfied form depicting a living life or depicting living lives. It’s therefore because idolatry was and is and will be the formation of a living life or of living lives in the solified formation, it’s therefore statues AND sculptures AND dolls were and are and will be against God’s commandments in God’s law.

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