Alinsky in Antigonish

The Desolate City.

I’m just sitting here in wonderment.  Or maybe it should not be all that surprising because the laity has let this go on for far too long without any serious confrontation

There is schism coming.  I am wondering to myself about the line I will draw with these bishops, and what I will do with my family if they cross it.

What’s your line?  Do you even have one?  Does it matter?   Is being Catholic just accepting what the bishop does, no matter what he does or the abuses he furthers or how far he departs from the Faith?

These are questions that I never believed I’d have to answer but I can see a day when I’ll be forced to answer them.

I’m not sure about you, but I will not give blind obedience to any Canadian bishop.

I’m wondering whether the only thing the bishops will listen to is an open Schism.  At least the SSPX gets noticed by Rome.  That’s not exactly a healthy situation, is it?

Rome just keeps shuffling these feminist bishops from one diocese to the next.  That’s no longer an acceptable model.  We’re not interested in bishops who have done the champagne circuit.  Pick pious priests from the boonies, and never mind that they can only speak one language.  They need to know the language of fidelity.  That’s it.

5 thoughts on “Alinsky in Antigonish

  1. I understand your frustration, John, but you shouldn’t fall in to open schism like the SSPX.

    E. Michael Jones had it right when he wrote recently that schism stems ultimately from a lack of charity. I know that the bishops can be extremely frustrating at times, but you need to show some charity. After all, Deus Caritas Est!

  2. E. MIchael Jones, as far as I can see is hardly someone I would listen to you when it comes to the subject of schism. More to the point, and correct, would be God allowing The Church to divide so He can weed out the lukewarm compromisers, who have this wrong point of view about the virtue of “charity”. Real charity would of course love all people and pray for the salvation of all. It would most importantly do what is pleasing to God First and foremost, and that would be following what He says He wants , not to do what others wrongly think and contributes towards “false.” unity.
    Maybe this person who has introduced themselves as “I like the Church Fathers.” should see how they wrongly imply that someone who loves complete absolute Truth lacks charity. Truth is, such a people might just have real Charity, maybe even more so, when they seek to
    correct false “nice” wrong definitions of real charity so as to keep up this false unity in a watered down Church, that is that way, precisely because of this false”love” and instead people are left with …well…look around at the Church, it is the result of such thinking. I looked up E. Michael Jones, former hippie who was at Woodstock and this was on his website, and this was listed as part of his bio.
    E. Michael Jones
    Extremist Affiliations: Although he is not formally linked to any extremist organization, Jones maintains connections with a host of anti-Semites and other extremists, including Hesham Tillawi, Henry Makow, Peter Schaenk, and Israel Shamir. His writings have been praised by racist Alex Linder, and Jones cites extremist sources, including Michael A. Hoffman II and Kevin MacDonald, in his books.

    Perhaps this person might watch and listen to Michael Voris of Church Militant T.v. who truly loves the Blessed Trinity of God The Father, Jesus Chrsit The Son, and The HOly Spirit as well
    as Our Blessed Virgin and Mother Mary, St. Joseph and All The Saints and Angels. His love is pure undefiled, and seeks to follow Truth and he has the Holy Spirit’s guidance and St. Micheal’s protection of the Truth. When one is in the Truth, one recognizes The One Truth when they encounter it, and at the same time, the Holy Spirit will alert them of something that is lacking. There is no lacking as to why God Himself might bring about and allows division. He does it for His Purpose alone.

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