Alberta Star Chamber says “We’re not amused”

My lawyer has received two upset calls from the Alberta Human Rights Commission. The first, from Shirlene McGovern herself, complained about the publicity she is receiving. I’m surprised at her reaction — you’d think someone who regularly interrogates citizens about their private political views would be comfortable with the concept of public scrutiny. Imagine if she actually had to expose her private thoughts, not just her public actions as a government officer.A few days later, another commission officer called my lawyer, complaining about this blog. I told my lawyer to invite them to write a letter to the editor to me. I haven’t received it yet, so I presume they’re just going to file another human rights complaint against me. (Ezra

They are not amused, folks.  Why is it not surprising that these HRC secret agents don’t like full disclosure and public scrutiny?  What have they got to be upset about, exactly?  That people are seeing for themselves the whole sham they are running?  Maybe they don’t like the transparency of it all, having operated under the cloak of darkness all this time.  Besides, I thought they were all for coming out of the closet?

Ezra mentioned that Judge Judy was a real judge and she, unlike the HRCs, believed in free speech. What he forgot to mention was that she also operated in front of the camera for all to see.  That’s now three strikes against the HRCs.  It’s now officially THREE rungs below Judge Judy. Zing!

Are they upset that they look like a bunch of Star Chamber commisars, giving out politically correct judgement without the scrutiny of the public?

You know this whole pathetic display only shows that a large segment of our society thinks that the government (or one of its appointed star chamber tribunals) is above the public’s right to know and criticize.  The complaints by the AHRC only confirm this.  It also shows that those videos are doing big time damage.  “But, but, we’ll lose our phoney baloney jobs if this keeps up.”

Turn up the heat, Ezra and keep going.  If Agent McGovern is upset, she only has herself to blame for being party to such a sham of an organization in the first place.  Ezra did nothing but give his FREE OPINION of what he thought about the HRCs and the complaint itself. If some star chamber agent looks bad because of it, that’s not Ezra’s fault, it’s theirs for belonging to such a brutal and fascist regime as the HRCs.

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