Aiparthenos – the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

“AIPARTHENOS | EVER-VIRGIN? Understanding the Orthodox Catholic Doctrine of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and the Identity of James and the Brothers and Sisters of the Lord” offers a comprehensive, scholarly, yet easy to read treatment of the issue of Mary’s perpetual virginity and of the identity of the “brothers and sisters” of Jesus. Leaving no stone unturned, Pr Cleenewerck explores the three main positions (Epiphanian, Helvidian, Hieronymian), from an Epiphanian/Orthodox perspective. In doing so, he discusses the major arguments brought forth by apologists and scholars on all sides and concludes in favor of the historic belief of Mary’s perpetual virginity. This book will be of particular interest to Evangelical Christians seeking to better understand the Orthodox Catholic position, as well as all Christians wishing to obtain a comprehensive reference on this still-controversial issue.


Fr. Laurent offers a scholarly yet accessible work in summarizing the current positions.  He covers all the bases from the Scriptures to early Church history and shows how the Catholic view is very biblical, traditional, and even from a scholarly perspective, the best position to hold.  He has unique insights that he shares that helps cement the Catholic position.  It’s well worth reading it if you are interested in this topic which has long been controversial since later Protestants started to question Catholic teaching.

He even has a section dealing with heos hou and cites yours truly in the acknowledgement section.

One thought on “Aiparthenos – the Perpetual Virginity of Mary

  1. What would Mother Mary say about a former Democratic Christian Civilization,choosing to become so-called “neutral” Secular Pagans in Government,Law and Education,where school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,but now pervert them as so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan human rights?

    What Canadians brainwash kids in schools to believe as normal behavior,is more important to Mother Mary and Lord Christ than anything else.He said,”let the children come to me.” We have a common political enemy in the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagans including many which call themselves Catholic, and Protesting Catholic Scholars who spend too much time arguing about matters which will be disclosed to them eventually, by Mother Mary herself.

    Today we have bigger political fish to fry,as Lesbian,Homosexual,Transgendered, so-called “neutral”Secular Pagan,neutral Catholic,and neutral Protestant politicians pass Bills into law that pervert school children using adult teachers and homosexual activists in schools,as so-called ‘neutral’ human rights.The neutrality of Secular Paganism is a lie. Let Christians politically unite again to protect Canadian Children.Many Canadians are in the same position as the proverbial frog in the pot.The temperature has been turned up ever so gradually over the years,by so-called “neutral”Democratic Secular Paganism in Government,Law,Schools and Entertainment,that the poor Canadian sot doesn’t even know his goose is cooked.

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