Advice for those whose faith is perturbed by Synod

Are you new to the Catholic Church? Or perhaps you’re not Catholic but you’re thinking of becoming one?

Or maybe you’ve been Catholic for a long time, but this spectacle around the Synod is causing doubts and anxiety in you?

Here’s my sincerest advice for you: stay away from this issue. I say this without the slightest tone of sarcasm or irony. I say it with urgency: stay away. Plug your ears. Change the channel. Don’t follow the stories in the media. Skip over the posts on this blog that deal with the Synod. Just avoid the subject completely, because it’s gonna get even uglier and you’d better sit this round out if you’re not prepared for it.

I mean no disrespect. And there’s no shame in you doing this. We don’t send wounded soldiers or disabled people to the front lines.

Everybody knows about hygiene, right? Wash your hands, brush your teeth, etc. You don’t want to expose your body to contaminants that could do you harm, right? The same principle applies to the spiritual life: don’t expose your soul to things that could harm your faith.

This shouldn’t be an excuse for generalized complacency or bail-out-ism. Many Catholics are ready for this battle and must do their part. Feeling the fatigue or dread of battle is normal, even for the most seasoned warrior. That doesn’t mean you can check out. Many of you know that you’ll never leave the Church and your faith isn’t shaken by the Synod. This your time.

But some of you don’t fully understand the teachings and can’t handle this confusion. If that sounds like you, then just stay away. Don’t get caught in the cross-fire or become collateral damage. Keep your distance and pray a simple one-liner each day: Lord, may your will be done in this Synod.

We’ll call you when it’s safe to come out again.

2 thoughts on “Advice for those whose faith is perturbed by Synod

  1. Additional note: PRAY. If you’re reading this you are already scandalized. Your task is to cast yourself utterly upon Jesus and all the saints to protect you, your family and the church. This is not Pollyanna-ville. This is heartbroken abandoning of one’s all to God.
    Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and purify the church, for courage, wisdom, insight, and prudence. Pray for Faith, Hope and Charity.
    Work to build up the faith of others. Look to the intercession and example of the Little Flower who preserved the faith of others wilst wrestling with deep doubts to despair within.

  2. We live in a democracy which called it’s self Christian,in Government, Law and Education.My contemporaries started every school morning with The Lord’s Prayer led by their school teachers! The Ten Commandments were on Government,Court and School Walls,and thus in the peoples minds.We were taught to”pray without ceasing for good Government etc.”,but also insure politically in our Christian Democracy that we voted for POLITICIANS who passed RIGHTEOUS Bills into Canadian Law! When democratic secular so-called Catholics and others stopped doing this in our Democracy,the elected Seculars declared Christianity in Government,Law and Education UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and so-called”neutral”SECULAR PAGANISM CONSTITUTIONAL, with it’s morality,Law and Education,thus Paganizing WESTERN CIVILIZATION from Kindergarten! Would you like me to post again agreements made by your elected Democratic Secular Pagan Education Ministers with Homosexuals and Homosexualists,that normalize perversion to schoolchildren starting with Kindergarteners,as so-called Secular human rights in our Democracy?

    When people pray “only”and do nothing politically in our Democracy evil flourishes!We worship our TRIUNE GOD not Barrabbas. Our God has given us freewill to follow Him or so-called”neutral” Secular Paganism. If we leave Christ where else can we go? Christ knows who the masqueraders are in our democracies and Church that allow schoolchildren to be perverted POLITICALLY in our DEMOCRACIES, by adult schoolteachers,and homosexuals etc.,as human rights! Pray but also do,if you pray to Christ.He ordered you to let the little children come to Him,and not to allow them to be perverted from Kindergarten,as Secular Democratic Human rights.What kind of leaders will most of these indoctrinated in the tenets of Secular Paganism be in their professions?Please pray and do right politically in our Democracies!

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