Advent Begins

So yesterday was the beginning of Advent.  My wife is really good at maintaining the liturgical year and ensuring that the whole family participates in all of the Church’s liturgical seasons.  I must admit that it really makes a difference in family life and enriches it considerably.  Like most adults my age, I never had these blessings growing up, and it’s really great to see my kids enjoying and celebrating them.  Hopefully, they will pass these Church traditions on to their children as well.   We need to live the year with the Church and not with the Culture.

Pictured below is the family (and our neighbour’s kids) assembling the Advent Chain, which counts down the days to Christmas. There are four sets of rings representing the four weeks of Advent:  hope (first seven rings), peace (second set of seven rings), joy (third set of seven rings) and love (fourth set of five rings). The first, second, and fourth sets of rings are purple, while the third set is pink (representing joy).  Each day, the kids take off one of the rings from the chain.

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