As the pro-life movement continues to make progress in the abortion battle, we must always be cognizant that we are not fighting against “flesh and blood”.  Instead our battle is ultimately a spiritual one, and there is always great joy when someone who was once pro-abortion becomes pro-life.  Although not always the case, there’s usually a good bet that these individuals have been spared eternal separation from God, as well.

We must always remember too that our opponents can become our greatest allies and friends, if they were to turn their hearts to the truth and to God.  That is why it is our responsibility to keep them in our prayers so they may one day convert and join us.

To focus our attention somewhat, I’ve set up this little page for my readers and fellow pro-life bloggers to encourage the pro-life community to participate in my little project called, Adopt-a-pro-abort-for-life.

What does it entail?  Simply this:  identify one pro-abort individual in your circle of interest (family member, acquaintance, co-worker, blogger, etc.) and commit to remembering that person in your prayer time and earnestly ask Our Lady for their conversion to the pro-life cause. You are also asked to pray for their well being on this earth and their eternal salvation in the next.  This is a life-time committment, even after death.  That is, if you die before your beneficiary does, then you keep praying for them in heaven.  If the beneficiary dies before you do, you keep on praying to lessen the time in their purgatory.  That’s the extent of it.

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