2 thoughts on “Actress Jennifer O’Neill announces she will join West Coast Walk for Life

  1. Actually, Jennifer O’neill has been speaking at the American March For Life for years, speaking on how she regrets , , her abortion, and on behalf of SNMAC, as well as being.
    one of the first spokesperson’s
    For those who follow celebrity spokesperson’s Alveda King also with SNMAC and Steven Tyler’s wife also speak on behalf or|SNMAC.

    SNMAC generally leads the March after the Knights of Columbus as a rule because it is this movement that will have the greatest influence on changing the hearts of women who live in dark shame and pain regarding their falling for the lie about abortion, and it is the healing ministries that have come out of this sharing about abortion, e.g. Rachel’s Vineyard, that will help women regain their relationship with the loving merciful Blessed Holy Trinity, of Father God, Son Jesus Christ and |Holy Spirit Ministries , so they can go out into the world and help other women and men know the Truth, and thus souls are saved. (The babies are now with God in Heaven, we are told.), but we can reach out as Jesus and Our Blessed Virgin and , by believing the lies surrounding Mother Mary would have us do for those who are hurting and horrifically wounded (even if they do not at first admit or see it),by believing the lies about abortion.

    Hearts are changed in these women and humility takes the place of pride and then and only then can prayers be properly
    offered up because only we know the pain that it has caused and causes the whole world.

    In Him Who Cares for All Life
    I love You Blessed Trinity

  2. Does anyone who this woman is?

    Look what happened to PETA when “b” rated actresses tookmit over.

    (hahaha…my captcha word is condemned)

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