2 thoughts on “Action Life Hike for Life – This Saturday Apr 27

  1. Thank you Paycheck for keeping the right to life issue in the forefront of your blog. I spend a lot of time in the Catholic blogosphere and have noted that with to keeping the issue of the abortion holocaust front and center you are the exception rather than the rule. For this I thank you.

  2. When the popular media moguls started to censor pro-life letters to editors, Dr.Debra Wade, and her friends suggested Paycheck’s site.
    Some of the tenets of enforced Politically Correct Relativism and The Humanist Manifesto are, No Creation of Man,or the Universe by God,and “no moral absolutes”. Social Engineer John Dewey wrote a book,A Common Faith, in 1934 based on the Terry lectures delivered at Yale University. Here is how Dewey ended his book,”HERE ARE ALL THE ELEMENTS FOR A “RELIGIOUS FAITH “THAT SHALL NOT BE CONFINED TO SECT,CLASS, OR RACE. SUCH A FAITH HAS ALWAYS BEEN IMPLICITLY THE COMMON FAITH OF MANKIND. IT REMAINS TO MAKE IT EXPLICIT AND MILITANT”. Social Engineer Alfred C. Kinsey wrote about,and promoted, no moral absolutes, which show tables and graphs depicting his crimes even against children. These were received by our secular universities,governments and supreme court justices as secular science, and morality to be imposed on students. When our Christian society stopped starting every school morning with The Lords prayer, and teaching the morality of The Ten Commandments , and then replacing this with secular morality in Government, Law and Education starting from Kindergarten; Western society become socially engineered to be perverted and morbid. Adults now form clubs to recruit innocent impressionable children into legalized perversion; which The Canadian Human Rights Act deems a so-called human right and social justice.
    In a democracy who is responsible for this? Who do you get to know, and elect to rule over you and make the laws by passing Bills in your Legislatures and Parliament? Let the people of God say so in politics. Wasn’t Nehemiah governor of Jerusalem? Why are you letting Secular perversion and morality break down the walls protecting your families politically? Why haven’t most of you backed Traditional values politicians who like to pass healthy Bills into Canadian Laws? Free speech is being socially engineered out of our campuses, and thus society. Please don’t remain politically apathetic.

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