Socon or Bust Soirée & Ottawa’s Quiet Movers & Shakers


Cheap champagne but very expensive soda went down last night…along with some Hors d’oeuvres and other goodies.

Last night my family and I hosted about 9 Ottawa movers and shakers in the pro-life community.  The occasion was a little fundraiser for James Shaw and Ruth Lobo Shaw of CCBR.  We hosted it in our home.

To be honest, it was quite an effort to get even that number of people out to our little event.  Apparently, James and Ruth have nine gigs around the city between now and Christmas doing their presentation, promoting CCBR and scaring up some cash.  That explains why I got so many people saying, “I’m already going to see them at my parish”. 


Socon or Bust was almost a bust itself if some late registrants didn’t show up. 

CCBR’s presentation in our Living Room.

I met some interesting people I had not yet met before and hooked up with some old friends too.  I even started making some connections for my little Vatican II conference and, boy oh boy, I’m getting really excited about that too. Lots of sugar plums dancing in my head about it.

Anyhow, the evening was a cozy, little intimate affair with James and Ruth and their little baby William who my daughters adored all night. 

Baby William: A Future Pro-Life Warrior, but not looking very fierce right now.

Ruth and James did a 45 minute presentation which was very informative and emotional – now that they have a little one.

Socon or Bust encourages everyone to get out to one of their presentations before they go back to Calgary. Do your part and separate yourself from your cash by donating to their efforts. 

CCBR is the grit of the pro-life movement, and we have to support the grit if we are ever going to win this.  And we will win.

Like Al Davis always said:  “Win, baby…just win.”  

Emma and Tonya and Baby William

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