Action Life Dinner with Michael Coren – Good Time Shared By All

Despite some fierce competition from other venues in the City, we had a decent turnout this past Saturday night to hear Michael Coren speak at Action Life’s Annual Fundraising Dinner.  About a 100 people showed up.   Michael shared his personal experiences of Faith and the issues surrounding abortion that he has encountered during his years as a pro-life journalist.  Attendees even got a crack at buying his next book, The Future of Catholicism, which has not been officially released yet.  I had a chance to have a chat with Michael for about 30-40 minutes since he showed up a little early.  He’s easily approachable and open.  No smugness about him at all.   He comes across as a common Joe, but can maneuver rather easily up an down the foodchain, if you know what I mean. The conservative media is not exactly found in great quantity in this country, and the Catholic ones who operate in secular circles even less so.  We need to change that, if we ever hope to make gains in the culture war. 





















Sacred Music Choir from Maryvale Academy..


2 thoughts on “Action Life Dinner with Michael Coren – Good Time Shared By All

  1. Fantastic food and poignant speech!!!! I will be there again! Great pictures too (Maryvale Academy, Michael with the lovely lady in the wheelchair, etc)

  2. Another 15 minutes of fame from Socon or Bust! Was that to make up for the state of my hands when I showed up? (Thanks again for the beanbags 🙂 )

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