Abuse in Australia

I’m thinking more and more that the worse things get in the Church, the better.

It means less credibility for the hierarchy who are largely responsible for this mess, and that means less ability for them to keep on their destructive path.

We like to think that we can change things, but the brutal reality is that sometimes, we can’t.  And it’s only time and the biological solution that will fix it.

Hard truth, but truth it is.

I haven’t seen or heard anything that’s going to address our problems.   There’s been no true repentance in the Church by those who still need to repent from demonic things like the Winnipeg Statement. In fact, if you’re reading the headlines, it’s just getting worse.  More liberation theology.  Questioning clerical celibacy.  More support for dumbed-down liturgy.  Talk of women “deaconesses”.   Attacks against Benedict’s legacy. 

There’s nothing good in any of this.  And yet it just keeps piling up.


One thought on “Abuse in Australia

  1. Until we obey, and pray and pray and pray….
    beginning with gratitude and asking that Our Blessed Queen, Virgin, and Mother Mary’s- Immaculate Heart be consecrated to Russia A.S.A.P

    I love and adore only You Blessed Holy Trinity.

    Thank You also Beautiful , Magnificent Mother and Queen in Heaven for all Your Blessed Intercession. I love You , so that words cannot express.

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