Abstain from Development & Peace Again This Lent

LifeSiteNews contacted Development and Peace by e-mail and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops by phone and e-mail on February 25 to ask about D&P’s partnership with Women for Change. By the morning of February 28 LifeSiteNews had received no response, but Development and Peace’s website no longer listed Women for Change. (Find a screenshot of Women for Change listed on D&P’s website last week here.)

Seeking an explanation, LifeSiteNews phoned Rene Laprise, the CCCB’s communications director, and Bishop John Boissonneau, chairman of the CCCB’s Standing Committee on Development and Peace, and both directed questions to Development & Peace.

D&P Communications Officer Kelly DiDomenico told LifeSiteNews by phone Friday morning that she had not received the February 25 e-mail and asked that it be sent again. In the afternoon, she wrote by e-mail: “I’ve forwarded the message to the appropriate instances.” LifeSiteNews had received no reply by press time on Tuesday and was unable to reach DiDomenico. (Source)

Women for Change was actually covered by Socon or Bust back in 2011 (see “Give us your money, and don’t ask too many questions“).

It’s listed as Group number 33 on our list.

If a name like “Women for Change” doesn’t ring any bells with you, you should not be in charge of giving away Catholic money in 2014.  Sorry to be so blunt, but you really belong with Aunt Mae, knitting something, and by saying that I don’t mean any disrespect to Aunt Mae.

Squeaker made some observations about LifeSite’s report here.

Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, has changed with the modus operandi of Development and Peace.

1.  They are still funding pro-abort groups and not just Women for Change.

2.  They are not listing all of their pro-abort groups on the website.

3.  They are still scrubbing their website when they get caught partnering with abortion-pushers.

4.  The Canadian bishops are still promoting Development & Peace, and side-stepping their moral responsibility to clean up the social justice charade.

5.  Canadian Catholic donations are still going to fund the promotion of the slaughter of unborn children.

6.  And lastly, Socon or Bust still is asking faithful Catholics to put a BIG ZERO on the Development & Peace envelope and put some some pro-life literature in it.


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