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TorchAnimationFounded in 2002, The Catholic Legate is a lay-run Apostolate dedicated to promoting and defending the Catholic Faith. We are committed to offering authentic Catholic teaching in  order to help re-evangelize our western culture, as well as to explain and to defend the Catholic Church’s teachings to non-Catholics.

Our apostolate seeks to be broad in scope dealing with issues which affect today’s society and their impact on Christianity and the Catholic Church.  Issues related to Cultural and Moral issues, Apologetics, Philosophy, History, and Politics are some of the areas we address and engage in.  Following Pope John Paul II’s call for a new evangelization, our Apostolate seeks to revitalize the Catholic faith in Canada and the world so that an authentic Christian culture can begin to remerge and establish its prominence again.




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  1. Greetings! In 2016 I will be publishing the most comprehensive theological, historical, and devotional book on the rosary since the 18th century. If you would like to be noticed when it is available, please let me know your email. Don’t worry, I won’t put your email on any lists. Have a blessed and MARY CHRISTMAS!

    In the Rosary,
    Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

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