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It was intended as that. The perpetrators of this hateful deed — presenting an abortionist as a model for “humanism” and champion of women — knew perfectly well what they were doing. As I had learned even before the event, protocol had been breached in making the appointment. There was no consensus on the appointment committee; the chair, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, had failed to recuse herself. It was done deceitfully, after the Governor General’s office had assured outraged callers last February that Morgentaler would not be on the list this year. And last weekend, as the rumour spread, a fresh round of outraged callers were being mocked — given the phone number of Campaign Life Coalition by the Rideau Hall switchboard.The announcement was then delayed — another irregularity — until after the Parliament Hill celebrations, to prevent a large pro-life demonstration from coalescing there. And, instead of denouncing the appointment, our cynical prime minister had “talking points” distributed to his caucus before the fact.

A very dark thing was done, as such things are always done — in a very dark way.

Yet I think it may be for the best, in a longer view of things. We might often grumble that the “ruling class” in Canada — the smug, self-serving, “progressive” political, legal, academic, and media elites, including the prime example at Rideau Hall — belong to some other world than the one from which they suck taxes. But seldom is there an event so stark, that we see them as they are. The Morgentaler award revealed that to so many Canadians. (Source)

There are many people who do not understand the full import of the decision that was made to invest Morgentaler with the Order of Canada.  Obviously the decision to do so was an horrendous one.  But even more fundamental than that was the abortion clique’s decision to turn the Order of Canada into a booby prize for their sexual revolution.  Even if 90% of Canadians were strongly opposed to Morgentaler’s elevation, does anyone really believe it would make a difference?  I doubt it.  These political elites believe democracy is for losers and the unwashed masses. That’s why they hated the recall mechanism and Referendum when the Reform Party had proposed such policies many years ago as part of their platform.   They are willing to jettison a long standing protocol by unanimous consensus, rather than accept that Canadians have soundly rejected their decision.  

Herein lies the rub of their brazen act:  because there will be no consequences and certainly no retraction, these little fascists will simply be embolden to take the next provocative step.  And then they will take the next step after that. And then again and again.  Before you know it, they will be in full gallop and trampling over anyone who dares to stand in their way.  By then, there might even be some real resistance on our part, but it will be too late.

This was a comment a reader shared with me on another entry. I think it bears repeating since it is so insightful of human nature….

We hear a lot about the European resistence to Nazism during WW2. If even a fraction of the number who claim to have resisted had actually done so many more Jews would have been rescued, far fewer nationals would have been sent into forced labour for ant-Nazi activity. Most of the claims to have participated are just bravado, a desire to reap the glories of having been part of the movement after the fact without doing anything at the time. In fact only, 5% of Europeans participated in any resistence activity. About the same number actually co-operated with the enemy and about 90%, most Christians among them, just put their heads down and tried to be inobtrusive so they wouldn’t be targetted.

That 5% included every type of resistence, both extremely dangerous to relatively benign; stealing ration cards in order to use them to feed hidden Jews or nationals who were in hiding to avoid forced labour; something as benign as owning a hidden and illegal radio to listen to war reports on the BBC; producing flyers and propaganda papers telling the real facts about the war; hiding allied flyers and getting them back over the front lines; guerilla activity to thwart the German Army in the task of occupation and the most dangerous of all, hiding Jews, both adult and children, from capture.

That last activity was done by perhaps 1%, if that, of the European population. By far the majority wouldn’t have exposed anyone to the Nazis outright but they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to rescue anyone either.

My father who was in slave labour in Germany for two years used to tell us to “Make sure you are among the 5%.” That’s all we need to do in this battle as well, be among the 5%.

Remember also that in the Gospel of John 16: 33 Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble but take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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