Abortionists: “Abortion and Money Before Women’s Safety”

MONTREAL, Quebec, August 7, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Montreal’s Alternative abortuary has announced that it will be closing its doors on September 30th due to a new Quebec government bill that has required minimal safety standards for abortion centres. Effective September 30th, Bill 34 requires abortuaries to receive a permit, which would require that they perform abortions in a sterile surgery room. The director of Alternative, Micheline Dupuis, told Le Devoir that the safety requirements are “excessive” and “absolutely unnecessary.” Alternative conducts approximately 1,000 abortions per year, and so both the Quebec media and abortion agencies are warning of long wait times. Private abortion mills in Quebec are said to conduct 5,000 of the 27,000 abortions per year in Quebec. Other abortion mills have not yet stated that they will close, but they are complaining about the new requirements, and according to Le Devoir, none of the facilities they contacted had the necessary basic operating room equipment. Claude Potvin of Femina told them that the law “does not correspond to anything in either the public, or in the private [setting].” According to the Morgentaler abortuary’s Dr. Francine Léger, “even in the hospitals, it’s not like that, it’s a double standard.” While they do not meet the new standards, Le Devoir reports that all of the facilities conform to the established requirements of the Quebec College of Physicians and the National Abortion Federation, which apparently do not require the abortion surgeries to be performed in a sterile environment with basic surgical equipment. It is reported that the Quebec College of Physicians will be meeting with the Quebec Ministry of Health to discuss the matter.

I see the abortion providers and their variety of useful idiots have provided us with yet another stellar example of how they carry the interest of women’s safety in their hearts.  Remember the jingo, “Legal, Safe & Rare”?  Well, they got the first one, but the industry really doesn’t care about the other two.  Abortions are hardly rare and they never will be, provided they are legal and lucrative. After all, the pressure to abort remains intense on women in today’s culture.  And as for abortion being “safe”,  that’s the biggest lie going.  More women are dying today from LEGAL abortions than they ever did from the back-alley kind.  Abortionists are only concerned about the money

A basic, sterile environment still costs money

That’s why they are against it.  Otherwise, why would they be putting up such a stink about conforming to basic health and safety standards?  And why are they not providing such an environment in the first place? It kind of tells you what abortionists think about women’s health. They even tell women where to go if they get emotional….

The “doctor” said “Toughen up, why are you here? If you can’t handle it get out!” She “toughened up” and stayed. (Source)

That’s quite the situation, is it not? Are they suggesting that the Quebec government – one of the most fiercely pro-abort governments in the Western world – is…uh…pro-life?  Give me a break.  Maybe our prayers are working.  After all, why has this become such a problem “all of a sudden”?  Abortion has always been a dirty job.

I doubt the pro-abort fanatics out there will take the blinders off long enough to see that, though.  Far from caring about “women’s health”, the abortionists are just concerned about “women’s money”.  “Reproductive rights” is simply the ruse they push in order to sell their product.  Remember, today, if you want to make a crap load of money, just slap “human rights” on it, and you’ll be loaded in no time.

“Reproductive rights?”


Wake the f-up.

6 thoughts on “Abortionists: “Abortion and Money Before Women’s Safety”

  1. “Availability Bias”, an uncorroborated statement can be widely seen as true merely because the education establishments and popular media is repeating it so very often. The liberal media only show us what they want us to see. Everyone ought to know this by now. They are educated to be on the pro-abortion side and thus impose on the unborn child the values of death in the form of a knife, a vacuum and scalding chemicals.
    The maternal instinct was the strongest intuition of Canadian women, and fatherhood of our men, but now through our education establishments and thus our Paliament and Supreme Court , because we all go through our Darwinian Humanist Atheist schools and universities, it is sexual pleasure without the responsibility of nurturing their own babies. WHERE HAVE ALL THE BABIES GONE YOU MAY ASK ? Millions have been aborted. The numbers are astounding. Our government pays for this holocaust. This means you and I foot the bill. To few seem to give a rip. WAKE UP! Prayer forces us to get involved in good government and pass Bills in Parliament to stop this murder of innocence. WHAT SAY YOU ? Does anyone care? We need help to do this please join us.

  2. After the war, the Nuremberg trials of war criminals indicted Nazi leaders for encouraging and compelling abortions, which it considered a crime against humanity. the Canadian government and people sure have changed since then and now also encourage and compell abortions and pay for them.

  3. The main term used by the pro-abortion propagandist in our schools today is the term “CHOICE”. The right to choose.
    The main term used by the Nazis to cover up their killing was “SELECTION”. The right to select.
    It was the doctors who were making selections in the Nazi death camps.
    It is the doctors today, who are making “choices” in the abortion chambers. Our Darwinian Humanist Atheist education establishments have made a Godless society. In the guise of separation of Church and State they have separated Western Civilization from Christianity.

  4. Back when my wife was pregnant if someone had come around us promoting abortion I would have made a gallant effort to abort that SOB if I could get to him or her before my wife did.

    Why someone would want to kill an unborn baby for any reason leaves me cold. If this place closing causes only one abortion to not be done it will be a successes. By all means I hope it goes much farther than that but I will take what I can get and keep fighting.

  5. John, for an explanation of what’s going on here, read St. John Chrysostom’s fourth homily on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans. It’s amazing how accurately he prophecies and explains what’s happening in our current society with the gender wars over sex. It’s also amazing how much knowledge we have lost as Christians.

  6. We raised the age of consent from 14 by posting the names on our websites to shame the liberal-minded politicians to raise it. Our few professors who were not scared to death helped as well. It passed by only three votes in Parliament. Pete we are called to do the same with abortion and this atheism taught in our schools as the only religion and creation story. Prayer leads to action always. We are called to run for office or vote only for pro-family and life politicians.

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