Abortionist Confesses, Admits He Might Be “Deluded”

Very revealing article here.  Some excerpts: 

“I’m like a newborn baby,” Dr. Henry Morgentaler told the CBC’s Evan Solomon about surviving a recent stroke and heart operation. “I enjoy being alive.”

The irony wasn’t lost on Solomon, who then asked the Canadian abortion doctor “how does a guy who’s seen so much death (in Auschwitz and Dachau, where he was imprisoned as a youngster) fight for a cause which many people believe is a form of killing?”

“I won’t deny there’s an inconsistency,” Morgentaler answered. “Maybe I’ve deluded myself.”

Maybe you have, Henry. Maybe you have.

Sometime during my emotional development, I got the impression my mother didn’t love me because there was a younger baby that she devoted a lot of attention to. I believe she neglected me.”

There’s got to be some explanation for his murderous ways. 

I wonder if the man is being more reflective on what he’s been doing the past 40 years. Then again, I doubt it.

One thought on “Abortionist Confesses, Admits He Might Be “Deluded”

  1. By his actions towards living human unborn babies, Henry Morgentaler past president of the Humanist Association of Canada, trusts in himself the creature instead of the Creator. Thats what Darwinian Humanist atheists do, after all he is a signatory of the Humaist Manifesto. Read and study it and find out what most of our humanist educators believe, and how they spread this atheism from our universities with their creation story based on Darwin’s theory, and the faith of humanism according to the Humanist Manifesto. The signatories of the Humanist Manifesto refer to themselves as “religious humanists”. They deny God and worship man. Canadians are effected by what is taught to them in our schools and universities. This explains why most intellectuals say they are Darwinian humanists, and are spreading this worldview through textbooks, law, politics, art, music, media etc. We all go to school and university where this social engineering is carried out. I am blessed to have Professor De Lundra teach me first Thessalonians chapter five, where St.Paul says, ” test everything.” The good professor is my mentor and my trusted friend. I once believed Darwinism because after all it is called science in our schools and universities and it is protected by blasphemy laws. Hitler was a Darwinist himself. Some of our citizens are becoming aware of what is happening to our culture, and as more do this too can change.

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